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Intoo Offices – Shanghai

Intoo Offices – Shanghai

Muxin Design and Research Studio have recently completed an office for Intoo in Shanghai’s Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park.

The client’s requirement for this 78 square meters office is that it has enough function and enjoyments in a limited budget.

To avoid the solemn impression of a traditional office, the design team aims to make full use of the space as well as create a variety of gray areas. The minimalism monochrome style is not only under the economical consideration, but also fits the modern and high-tech esthetic of an IT company. The design team also adds wooden bay windows that incorporates a stroke of natural warm color, providing a relaxing reading and communication environment for staff. Glass walls maximize the transparency of the whole space, making every part has easy visual access to another and the identity of each room blurred to expand vision in the office.

The design team also did the VI design for the client, including the LOGO wall, decorations on the glass walls and so on. Visitors can be taken into the meeting room from the left side, while the staffs can enter from another door.

The glass walls make the office a transparent space and make every part link together, which reduces the sense of narrowness. The well-arranged black-and-white patterns create the sense of ample space, and the application of glass walls meets the light requirement as well as reduces the sense of narrowness from limited room. The neat and clean tea room offers the staff a relaxing atmosphere. The wooden bay windows add a warm tone to the whole black-and white space. The comfortable bay windows offer a reading and communication area, the staff can watch the scenes outside, read books and drink tea here. It is definitely a highlighted design to add a relaxing atmosphere in this men’s office. The cacti named “Kylin” represent the enterprise spirit of self-improvement and advance with the times. The designers are willing to handle the overall design for a project, thus they did not only interior design, but also industrial design and graphic design, such as the LOGO, notebooks, rulers , business cards, badges and so on, which are useful to the client in the future.

Design: Muxin Design, Research Studio
Design team: Yves Zhang, Leo Sun, Ouyang Boyong, Wang Jie
Photography: Zhang Daqi


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