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[Best Office Workstations Customizable in the UAE]

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Best office workstations

One of the best collections of office workstations in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi. So many different options with very economical prices.
- Mariam

Workstations for offices

Good office workstations for all types of offices. It comes with free installation and after sales service.
- Jenny

Best office workstations

This is one of the best office workstations collection in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With so many different customization options and with economical prices these are definitely the best workstations for offices.
- Abrar Malick

Good Products backed with good service

I HV recently brought few chairs and office workstations for our new office , their service was great from the first time their sales person visited us. I do recommend them especially for the office workstations
- Abdul Kareem Abdul Rehman

Great chair, good price

Great chair, good price, excellent customer service. Delivered on time, what else can you ask for. Two thumbs up!
- Yasir Javed Iqbal

A 5/5 Company

We have recently bought some office workstations and some other office furniture items. Their team was professional and we were pleased with their speedy job. One thing I like to add is they can easily extend their product line to include reception desk etc. They are very strong with the workstations furniture. We are very satisfied with their office furniture and would like to continue buying from them as we expand our business.
- Robena Cornelia

Modern Office Workstations Dubai & Office Partitions

[Best Office Workstations Customizable in the UAE]


Office Workstations & Office Partitions Dubai, Abu Dhabi – UAE

We at SAGTCO, the biggest manufactures modern office workstations & office partitions in Dubai believe your office workstations surely deserves the best of functionality and outlook.   Workstations are expected to be comfortable, conducive, and equally classy. They ought to be functional and comfortable enough in assisting the employee to cruise passed each day with optimal productivity. While many companies do not recognize this yet, workstations have a great influence on employee productivity. Interestingly, they can influence an employee’s state of mind as well as their body in unbelievable ways which will ultimately affect the quality of their work. Employees’ comfort within their workspace should not be undermined as it plays a crucial role in making sure they are appropriately engaged and energized. It is an indispensable factor when considering performance and productivity.

Ergonomic Office Workstations

Better performance coupled with higher productivity is the brain behind ergonomic workstations. Therefore, workstations that promise and promote efficiency, productivity, safety, and comfort of staff are gradually becoming a norm in offices. Employers are now beginning to pay more attention to the state of their office workstations because people spend long hours within such environments. These employers are gradually swinging in favor of installing ergonomic workstations within their offices since it reduces work fatigue as well as positively impacting the body and minds of staff. They have had no choice but to acknowledge the relevance of fantastic and productivity-enhancing office workstations within the office.

The big and the small companies are now beginning to invest wisely in office-related furniture; that is a step in the right direction because it will yield the deserved benefits in time to come. The true value of productivity-focused office workstations has finally become obvious to companies; however, those who are yet to be affected by this disruption must know that a regular workstation isn’t the best for professionals who work in today’s fast-paced workspaces.

Merely stocking your office with dark chairs, drab desks and white walls is not effective enough in charming and motivating the 21st-century employee. It doesn’t benefit them health-wise as well. An adequate amount of space, as well as legroom for stretching, is what they need to be flexible. Their bodies should be properly supported for good movement. They equally need the right colors as well as some quirks to enhance their creativity. They cannot do without a scintillating and soothing working atmosphere. If they are well-relaxed, they can function peacefully and become inspired to go on even when boredom strikes. This is what has powered the idea behind the essence of comfort and creativity in today’s office workstations.

Thankfully, office furniture manufacturers seem to have found a way around the problem. The appropriate solutions are here. SAGTCO has got a satisfying range of products that are befitting for professionals along with a various assortment of workstations which will assist you in setting up that workstation you have craved for in whichever style you prefer.

Types Of Office Workstations

Today’s office workstations exist in various sizes as well as offers to suit the different classes of people depending on their different configurations. Beginning with the regular desk that doubles as a one-person office workstation, this furniture piece has got a desk with adequate cable ports as well as partitions for your storage pleasure. It could be used for installing your computer, keeping files as well as other stationery. It’s got adequate space for keeping all your work-related materials and is quite perfect for everyone who prefers to create that solo workstation within their office. Also, freelancers, as well as people who work from their homes who are interested in setting up personal workstations, could use this and get maximum results.

Next is the two-person office workstation or 2-seater workstation which is spacious enough to handle two persons and all their working materials, with the individuals seated close to each other on one desk. Going further, there is the three-person office workstation, four-person workstation, and six-person workstation. These various sizes of workstations, equally regarded as a collaborative workstation, is able to contain the respective number of employees working in their team. They are designed with arrangements that address the working requirement of the number of persons discussed above. They’ve got enough space and are smart-looking with places to accommodate the working items of the number of persons. They contain enough cable ports which provide every individual with their computer connection as well as separate storage partitions.

SAGTCO Workstations for offices – Customizable Options

SAGTCO workstations exist in various materials and shades. The different types of shades include the old-fashioned white and black, and other energy-invigorating colors such as yellow, orange, palette and green. The choices are breathtaking and exhaustive, assuring you of a shade that will suit your office space. The colors allow you the freedom to experiment with your creativity without limitations. You would find matching colors that would blend with your flooring and office walls. Your office’s interior décor will certainly find a unique expression with our colorful workstations.

Regarding materials, office furniture has gone beyond wooden workstations alone. But while it is the preferred choice because of its signature appeal and sturdy nature, workstations are now flaunting high-quality plastics, steel, aluminum, glass, PVC, as well as other material types. The introduction of these items has enhanced the workstation’s aesthetic value and equally improved the satisfaction that comes with using them. They have turned out lighter, with increased shelf life, more appealing and a lot smoother.

Shape & Designs of Office Workstations for comfort and long duration work

The most notable workstation shapes seem to be the rectangular build, even though newer variations such as the T-shaped workstation, L-shaped workstation, and 1-sided, 2-sided as well as other creative shapes are equally becoming popular. The goal behind designing these workstations remains to ensure full comfort for employees and also ensure that people doing anything on them can work smoothly whenever they wish.

The flexibility of workstations is one important feature that many people don’t seem to talk about as they ought to. There has been a high demand for workstations that have adjustable position and height. Their flexible design makes it easy to bend and tilt them, which describes them as the perfect fit for today’s workspaces where an employee might need to work with different devices. More importantly is the fact that they are user-friendly, allowing employees to adjust the height or screen based on their requirements and needs.

Additionally, it equally comes with those body parts that ensure automatic and manual adjustments. These are also known as adjustable height desk and adjustable height desk tables

What SAGTCO Have In Store?

SAGTCO with its rich range of office workstations in Dubai, have different sizes, shapes, colors, materials, and styles. We have handpicked each of our workstations with utmost care so that you get the best quality at an unbeatable price. We have ensured we only use the highest quality of materials to manufacture our workstations. Our mission is to offer you the best value for your money as well as provide you with workstations that your employees will love to work to their maximum productivity while enjoying their work.  So, come and design your office workstations for your office and have your staff productivity galloping to incredible heights.

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