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12 shared workspace benefits & Finding perfect Office Furniture in the UAE

12 shared workspace benefits & Finding perfect workspace in the UAE
12 shared workspace benefits & Finding perfect workspace in the UAE

Flexible work areas will create value for your employees and your business, regardless of the size of your organization.

What is workplace collaboration?

The benefits of working areas
For the past decade, collaborative workspaces have increased — particularly in the last year. According to the CBRE report, the size of collaborative workspaces in Manhattan in 2018 grew by almost 70%, rising from 9.4 million square feet in 2017 to 13.5 million square feet. But in New York, it’s not just a trend. In cities around the world, versatile spaces are rising.

Why the massive flood? Companies of all types take up collaborative spaces—and for good purposes. If you are a solo entrepreneur and a long-term member of the Fortune 500, collaborative areas provide a range of benefits.

What is a collaborative workspace and office furniture?

Working spaces are workplaces in which workers of multiple firms operate under a common roof. Companies with a shared workplace will come in all dimensions—from rising start-ups to multinational companies. The room typically consists of a mix of private offices and common areas that allow flexibility for employees during their working days. This is the reason for having smart and collaborative office furniture in Dubai.

One important fact is that the workers do not actually have to be in a coworking area among many other businesses because of a shared space. Your business will usually have a dedicated office—or even multiple floors. However, they will still be able to access beautifully crafted common areas and top-of-the-line facilities that can unlock value in your business.

The benefits of collaborative workspaces
Look at the value your workers and your bottom line can bring, regardless of the size of your business.


1. Agility to operate at business speed

Agility is a must in today’s fast-moving world. In order to move rapidly, the property must live up to your business needs—whether it is opening a moonshot innovation laboratory, set up satellite offices in developing markets, or buying a wider space for a successfully expanding team. This agility gives you shared workspaces. They allow you to expand your company and the number of workers you employ in a more conventional building without having to pursue inflexible rentals. With a shared room, you can adjust the size of your team or even location without much effort or additional expense.

2. Simple movement and fast configuration

If you enter a collaborative workplace, you don’t have to undergo a frustrating and costly operation. You don’t have to buy or carry a table or chairs. Wi-Fi is fast, printers are filled with tin and the phones are connected and ready for use. By signing up to use a shared space, the organizational tasks needed for weeks in the work of your team have already been solved. You and your team will come in and work straight while enjoying a height adjustable sit and stand desk.

3. Office rooms in prime positions

Prime property is costly and can be difficult to supply. But companies need their offices in the central communities near other businesses, transportation, shops, and restaurants to attract and maintain their talent. In addition, the buildings must be luminous, clean, and new. There are also office partitions used to achieve the same division.  These come in different sizes, colors, and all customizable with SAGTCO.

Collaborative workplaces provide a way into more costly, demanding spaces in leading locations that might have been prohibitive if you leased the room yourself. In their respective cities, most collaboration areas are located in financial hubs or business districts. They give you the opportunity to open an office quickly – no supply or expensive construction is needed.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Collaborative working spaces will in many cases allow you to minimize costs by just paying for what you need. For example companies in Abu Dhabi opt for the most cost-effective cheap office furniture in Abu Dhabi, if you start up a new local head office and have just 10 current workers, it would be unnecessary space – and cost – to hire a full-floor office. You always offer these workers a dedicated workspace in a private office in a collaborative workplace, but only pay for the space they use. Best of all as the team expands, you can easily add rooms.

5. Capacity to quickly scale

Regardless of your size, growth is a key goal, and shared spaces will help you to scale. Building a test market team? Do you employ a division that is vital to the success of your company? Opening many new locations in one year around the world? Placing teams in a meeting environment help you to encourage them to work together immediately. Are concern about your health working for long hours sitting down?

6. All-inclusive programs

You have to pay for utilities, office supplies, and additional services when you lease your own office, plus an office manager and support staff. A shared workspace involves services such as water, coal, energy, and Wi-Fi. Other facilities such as coffee and tea, kitchen equipment, printing, and postal services are mostly available.

7. A concierge group.

A team is available in collaborative work to support you with anything you need. You can also contact the group team that works as a dedicated concierge if you have questions about space, technology, facilities, or neighborhood (as the best place to have a business lunch).
You can also contact the group team that works as a dedicated concierge if you have questions about space, technology, facilities, or neighborhood (as the best place to have a business lunch).

8. Tech-activated workspace

IT technology configuration in any office is a time-consuming and costly process that involves the work of many teams and suppliers. All equipment, however, is included in the shared workspace: high-speed, secure Wi-Fi; video-conference facilities; security badges for room swiping; electrical outlets where people can charge. Furniture for offices must also now need to have office integrated components.

9. Room designed to allow employees to do their best

The workplace has been more human-centered in recent years. Instead of asking people to come to an office and spend 8 hours a day in a cabinet, businesses provide workers with work-specific spaces. There are therefore many collaborative spaces for activity-based work people can pop into telephone booths in order to make private calls or tackle a project that needs focus. You may have casual meetings at tables in the café style. Couches and other forms of soft sitting are available for those who prefer to work in a more casual atmosphere. Employees can choose when and where they work can contribute to higher efficiency and greater quality of work.

10. Opportunities for networking

Even if your organization has a private office or floor in a collaborative workspace, you will have access to the common areas of the house. This helps them to network with people from other businesses including entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote employees. For example, companies in This information and imagination flow can be an important advantage. Many multinational organizations actually bring teams into collaborative spaces to absorb fresh creative ideas from people who are not normally in their networks.

11. An region that represents the culture of your business

While a shared workspace has been built deliberately, so that workers can do their best, they have the chance to do things for themselves. The room can be designed in different ways according to the size of your office so that it represents your business. You can put up your own artwork and carry your own fittings such as candles and lamps. If you have a private floor, you can add branding, a logo, and a corporate color, so the room is yours.

12. Greater employee links to your company

Have you ever wondered if the corporate culture would be diluted in a workspace? Strategists at the office had it too and they looked into it. A team of researchers from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business of the University of Michigan found that workers have defined their organizational culture considerably more than a working atmosphere. The study also found that working in a collaborative atmosphere enhanced the understanding of employees of the organization.

There are only a few advantages of business shared workspaces. As a result, more businesses create versatile workspaces within their portfolios and use them to develop their business.

Do you want to buy office workstations and office furniture for collaborative workspaces in Dubai, UAE, and Abu Dhabi, UAE? 

Finding perfect workspace in the UAE

In the UAE there are many office furniture companies providing collaborative workspaces. One of the most prominent is SAGTCO office furniture Dubai and Office Furniture Abu Dhabi.

You can reach to us and find the perfect collaborative office furniture for your office within your budget.




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