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Digital Language Lab

{Digital Broadcasting System} {Smart Teaching}

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Key Features


The Digital Magic

DBS performs a Digital Magic with its core function of Broadcasting Educational Material as Video and Audio between 1 & 80 students. Along with broadcasting DBS encourages students to collaborate in groups. Teacher can make lectures interactive by broadcasting from more than one sources of information integrated with DBS as well as control keyboard and mouse of a student to demonstrate directly to a student’s monitor.

The power of self-effectiveness

The DBS works on its own independent network eliminating the need for any pre-existing network (LAN). The audio/video stream is broadcast directly to the student’s screen and headphones. Both the screen and the headphone are connected to the DBS device. This means the students learning experience will not be disturbed by hardware/software failures, as all students learn from the same teachers feed simultaneously.

Discussing, collaborating and sharing ideas

This system features dialogue to take place at different levels. Students can discuss, collaborate and share ideas together, regardless of where they are sitting geographically within a classroom. The teacher only has to decide how a dialogue takes place. The teacher can at anytime tune in and listen to the conversation without knowledge of the students.

A. Student to teacher B. A group of students with the teacher C. Student to student D. Groups of students and a chosen leader student

Superb Audio Quality for intercom and pairing activities

Unlike software-based products that introduce signal delays, generate echo, and restrict audiobandwidth, DBS deliver high-fidelity and crystal clear sound that allow instructors and learners discuss fluently and freely during the class.

Elastic Group Management

Enhanced group function that divided students up to 8 groups and teacher can assign different activities or in discussion and conversation to each group depends on teaching or learning situation.

Versatile System

DBS is the perfect solution where headphones are sufficient without a computer and monitor for example in Language Labs and Quran Memorizing schools At the same time by adding computer and monitors in a lab along with DBS transforms a normal computer lab to fully ready multimedia and multipurpose lab.

Cost Effective & Eco-Friendly

With DBS lectures are electronically delivered. This keeps an educational institute or training center focusing on delivering richer and interactive educational lessons rather than focusing on cost cutting printing methods. At the same time educational institute and training centers can stay truly eco-friendly by delivering all lecture electronically.


Installations worldwide

DBS has successfully transformed 35,000+ ordinary computer labs into digital-multimedia lab where lectures are richer, interactive and interesting. DBS is in action in Japan, USA, Tiwan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Malaysia, Belgium and many more countries around the world. Many new schools and Quran memorizing centers in Saudi Arabia have made DBS as a standard equipment for students.

User-Friendly & Time saving

All functions are controlled from a single console. A simple function such as darkening student-screen to more complicated function creating multiple-groups for collaboration are all created by push of a single button.



DBS have both tutors and learners being motivated and joyful in teaching and learning. Utilizing STP-CAT5E cable contributes to easy installation, superb signals and saves burdensome implementation cost

Teacher Panel (DM-400) Main control console for teacher to control single, group or multiple students Teacher Unit (DM-316D) Connects teachers headphones and monitor AV Converter (DM-316BV) Extends connectivity of DBS systems and enable extra four inputs such as Blu Ray player, MP3 player Booster (BT-2088) Works very similar to a network switch, connecting multiple student devices to one central network Student Unit (SB-1082A5S) Connects student’s headphones and monitor as well as includes help key

Key Features

Running a program simultaneously

The teacher can open for example MS Word on all student computers in a classroom with click of a button.

Taking automatic attendance

This system allows the teacher to send the attendance screen to all students asking them to state their presence and automatically signing in every individual student to the system.

Taking electronic exams

With ST the teacher can first create and save exams in a database. Then send to students at the time desired. Once the student has finished the exam, the system automatically checks and marks the exam and sends the final results back to the student.

Keyboard Mouse Control

The teacher can remotely control mouse and keyboard of a student from teacher’s computer. This enables teacher to open/close a program or demonstrate educational material on student’s computer without travelling to a him/her in the classroom. This saves time and gives total control to the teacher in a classroom.

Switching On/Off all computers

With a simple click, a teacher can easily switch on/off all computers in the classroom putting him or her at an advantage.

Sharing files prompting effective learning

Through ST panel, the teacher can send exercises to students then retrieve once they have finished. There is no limit on the type of file that can be shared. Anything that is displayed on teacher’s computer can be shared with students. At the same time students can share files among themselves but only with the permission from the teacher.

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