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Digital Language Lab

Digital Broadcasting System (+PLUS)


Digital Broadcasting System (+PLUS)

DBS-plus, an innovative audio visual broadcast-teaching system engages teachers and students in an interactive learning environment; creating collaborative and joyful learning environment. It enables Wi-Fi display (Smartphone and Tablet), dialogue, group discussion, student demonstration, online test, prompt feedback, grade, help, roll call etc; keeping  students motivated and focused in the classroom

Wi-Fi Display (Mobile Devices)

Bluetooth Dual Control

Prompt & Quality Broadcast

Non-Pc Based Exam

Direct Oral Recording & Practice

Single & Group Discussion

HD Display

Core Functions




Wireless Broadcasting and Bluetooth Dual Control

Easily broadcast from wireless and/or Bluetooth devices such as tablet, mobile


Client Record Control

Practice communication skills by oral recording

Quiz / Exam Edit on PowerPoint

Not only easy for teachers to edit teaching materials
through Power Point but also provides lots of interesting Q and A modes for in-class activity

Answer Collection / Analysis

Collect answer and calculate score automatically

Wi-Fi Broadcasting through mobile devices









Interactive Teaching

Multimedia Sources


Support PC, NB and multimedia devices such as VCD, DVD player, document camera, etc.

Student Demonstration

Appointed student broadcast the audio & video to all/ partial students.


Darken all/partial student screens to make them concentrate on class.

Individual Instruction

Student can call for help to ask teacher’s individual guidance.


Under teacher’s broadcasting, assigned student ID will be viewed as offline and be able to self control their PC.

Self Study

Students can choose to receive teacher’s broadcasting or self-study freely.

Roll Call

Online roll call.


Dialogue to all/partial

Teacher can talk to all or partial student.

Model Dialogue

Appointed student’s dialogue can broadcast to all or partial students.

Group Dialogue Demo

Broadcast appointed group dialogue to all students.


Students share one box reach mutual discussion commanded by teacher.


In- class Evaluation

Evaluating student comprehension levels at once.


Whole class competing with each other by small games to figure out who is the winner to enrich teaching.

Anonymous Mode

Anonymous voting according to different subjects.

Data Management

Quiz/Exam Edition

Quick edit questions on Power Point.

Answer Collection/Analysis

Collect students’ answers and calculate score automatically.

Import/export data

Import/export class information and make grade report.


Client Recorder Control

Students can practice communication skill, speaking and listening ability by oral recording.

Collect / Send Files

Send & Collect files/homework to students’ PC.


Define special instruction or message as marquee on students’ PCs.

Teacher Message

Text messages between teacher and student.

Split Screen Monitor

Monitor students’ PC by split screen mode.

Monitor Recording

Record audio/video of teacher’s PC


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