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HearDis! Offices – Stuttgart

HearDis! Offices – Stuttgart

SEEBALD has designed the new offices of music licensing and marketing company HearDis! located in Stuttgart, Germany.

Cooperation and flexibility are the foundations of HearDis! – an agency for corporate sound based in Stuttgart. Indeed, the plan that studio SEEBALD. delivered for the headquarters of the firm was so flexible that halfway through the design process, the two parties decided to share the working environment. Every part of the former textile factory now offers a co-working space, with the tenants and any future ‘cooperation partners’ benefitting from its flexible structure.

Two separate entrances lead to distinct areas in the workspace: communal and working. The communal zone includes a range of rooms for collaborative work, offices, communal dining areas, a showroom, ‘expansion and cooperation area’ and an event space that is ideal for networking activities. The working zone consists of distinct islands, each with a number of adjustable workstations. White window boards flank the workstations to provide a degree of privacy and conceal cables, storage and the integrated LED bands that provide background lighting.

With its white-painted concrete framework, the single-storey office space has an industrial air with a clear order thanks to the structural columns defining a central axis. The ends of the room are marked by dark steel-framed glazed meeting rooms. Behind each are located office and meeting rooms. This reference to the building’s industrial past is reflected in its vast windows that allow natural light to stream in from outside and give a generous view of the courtyard outside.

Photography: David Frank


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