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99c Offices – Cape Town

99c Offices – Cape Town

Inhouse Brand Architects have designed the new offices of South African ad agency 99c located in Cape Town.

When Inhouse Brand Architects was approached to create the new Cape Town offices of top South African advertising agency 99c, its interior design team used the opportunity to produce an extraordinary – yet more efficient – work environment that sounds the death knell of the conventional office.

Before starting any design work, an extensive study into the company’s daily activities was undertaken. The Inhouse team, steered by Inhouse Creative Director Aidan Hart and team leader and senior designer Moiisha Visagie, looked at the employees’ possible needs from the perspective of Activity-Based Work principles and was then able to provide 99c with an understanding of what the most effective space-planning layout would be.

A series of semi-private pods and high-energy meeting spaces was created throughout the space to allow employees to interact freely. These areas reveal a select palette that incorporates the corporate colours. Burnt orange, blue, black and lime yellow are used to brighten detailing and feature walls. Colourful elements include oversized dome pendants that illuminate the generous space.

Inhouse installed 6 large trees around which café tables were structurally laid out. This indoor, landscaped garden was positioned on decking and raised slightly to demarcate a communal, informal zone. In addition to the trees, numerous living walls were placed throughout the space to link it to the natural environment. The green factor enhances the interior for the user and softens the office environment.

Honest and sustainable materials such as pine and plywood were used extensively throughout. Textured-looking Oriented Strand Board (OSB), which has a patterned yet smooth finish, was used extensively for tactile impact and warmth. Moreover, it achieves a stylish effect for a modest cost.

In keeping with the theme of sustainability and respect for the natural environment that runs throughout – and also as a nod to the creative nature of the agency’s skills – a recycled shipping container has been innovatively converted into an up-to-the-minute waiting room. With the office’s panoramic views of container ships in the harbour, the waiting room serves a subtle reminder to 99c employees of the importance of client service and delivery.

In turn, what Inhouse has delivered is a world-class office solution, one that embraces elements of Activity-Based Work thought-systems and tailors these into a standout, contemporary environment for its client…

Design: Inhouse Brand Architects
Photography: Micky Hoyle


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