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Wildcraft Offices – Bangalore

Wildcraft Offices – Bangalore

Praxis has designed the new offices of adventure brand Wildcraft located in Bangalore, India.

The project was a corporate office interior for Wildcraft, an adventure brand. The office was spread over 4 floors, over a total area of 20,000 sqft. The main tenets of the design approach were to:

  • Create a collaborative and vibrant work environment
  • A space that allows for individual expression
  • Spaces that evolve and adapt over time
  • Workspace that attracts and retains talent for the firm
  • To familiarize visitors with the brand and its beliefs

The fleshing out of these ideas led to an interesting use of design elements that blended into the space and with each other. In terms of spatial planning, the idea of creating pause spaces within the work environment led to the use of peripheral planters and potted plants. These are combined with workstations to induce a visual break from working long hours.

A central spine separates the informal open office from the more formal discussion areas and meeting rooms. The spine also includes break out spaces where employees can indulge in a momentary break or a creative discussion. The workstations are organized along the periphery behind a layer of planting. Installations along the sides of this central spine add visual interest within the space.

Vibrant fabrics used for the furniture and fixtures are effective in breaking the monotony of the earthy palette. Colourful rugs and carpets have been used to define particular furniture layouts and add a sense of warmth to the spaces.

Design: Praxis
Partner in charge: Rajiv Majumdar
Design Team: Neha, Shravya, Sagar, Deepankar
Photography: Rajiv Majumdar


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