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What’s Hot: Mayline RGE Stations

What’s Hot: Mayline RGE Stations
Mayline RGE Sit To Stand Table Review

Known for their innovative office furniture and seating solutions, Mayline never fails to impress. This industry leader takes pride in crafting workplace products specifically designed to promote productivity while reducing fatigue. This year, Mayline has raised the bar again. Their RGE sit to stand collection is an absolute winner in the workplace.

Mayline RGE Sit To Stand CollectionSit to stand ergonomic desks are the latest ergonomic craze. Anytime a trend skyrockets in popularity the way this one has, shoppers have to be hesitant. With every brand on the marketing offering some kind of “ergonomic workstation” it’s nice to know that brands like Mayline still put their primary focus on quality. The RGE collection offers the heavy duty tables needed to improve ergonomic functionality and last a lifetime.

Mayline RGE Sit To Stand Collection Review

The RGE sit to stand desk collection is perfect for home, school, and business use. In the home, RGE stations can be used as an alternative to traditional computer desks to help family members avoid extended sits. In addition, many schools are making the switch to standing stations like those from the RGE collection to keep students active and alert. Sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy. Just imagine how many hours our children spend sitting in classrooms and you’ll see why this trend is turning into an educational standard.

Mayline RGE Table Finish CombinationsMayline’s all new RGE collection offers tables in a variety of versatile size and finish options to compliment workplace decor. Models like the 8022448EH with 48″ x 24″ tops are are perfect for smaller environments like the home office. Larger models like 8023072EH RGE Height Adjustable Table feature 72″ x 30″ operating surfaces that make them the ideal option for private office applications.

When it comes to high tech office furniture you get what you pay for. By industry standards, RGE tables are competitively priced with models ranging from $914.99 to $1055.99. While that may seem a bit expensive for a rectangular table that goes up and down, we assure you, they’re worth the investment. Extended sits can actually take years off your life. Making the switch to a high quality sit to stand station that won’t break down with daily use is an excellent decision that your body with thank you for.

Mayline Ergonomic Furniture SolutionsRGE Benefits: 

24V 2-leg system has 250 lbs. lifting capacity and draws a maximum of 1.8 amps.
25.7″ of vertical adjustment from 22.6″ to 48.3″ with simple to use up/down control switch.
Adjusts at 1.6″ per second.
1 1/8″ thick high pressure laminate surfaces.
Heavy duty silver bases.
Meets ADA standards.

Mayline RGE Collection RatingWe give this new ergonomic furniture collection from Mayline 4 out of 5 stars. The only knock on the RGE line is that their aren’t more table shapes to choose from. Adding a couple of L shaped corner stations to the collection would be a great idea and we wouldn’t put it passed Mayline to do so. All in all, this is one of the absolute best sit to stand collections we’ve had the pleasure of trying. It’s no wonder why these workplace solutions are so popular in 2016. We simply can’t say enough about the operating system, user friendly controls, and heavy duty construction. Try a Mayline table from the RGE collection for yourself and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.
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