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Virtual Identity Offices โ€“ Munich

Virtual Identity Offices โ€“ Munich

conceptsued has created the new offices of branding companyย Virtual Identity located in Munich, Germany.

Even virtual creativity needs physical space. In the step towards freedom and a modern, more flexible office environment, a unique concept was needed in a new, as-yet-to-be-found location. Virtual Identityโ€˜s management team entrusted oversight of this process to conceptsuedโ€˜s interdisciplinary team. Key to the concept was a flexible, future-proof office structure and identity-establishing communication centre that would do justice to Virtual Identityโ€˜s creative, cross-project work.

The far-sighted decision of Virtual Identityโ€˜s management team to include staff in the design phase encouraged staff buy-in. Having created a 1:33 scale model of Thalkirchen Station, work stations, breakout areas, meeting spaces, colour schemes and materials could all be presented well for discussion and agreement.

A structure split into two clearly defined wings, and detached from the historic building itself, was constructed in the eight-metre high brick hall. The buildingโ€˜s two floors draw attention to a centralised space that can be transformed into a stage by the staircase, which offers a fascinating change in perspective and has deep steps for sitting on or doing some casual work from a laptop. The walls of the building have been painted with a blackboard coating to create a giant surface for scribbling down messages and ideas.

Design: conceptsued


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