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The 5 Ergonomic Solutions You REALLY Need

The 5 Ergonomic Solutions You REALLY Need

There’s no shortage of ergonomic products on the market. As the business of ergonomics is certainly dominating office interiors in 2016, we thought it would be helpful to shed the spotlight on the 5 key products you really need. Sure, all the high tech gadgets are nice, but the tools highlighted here are a must if you want to operate at peak performance levels.

Mayline Living ChairOffice comfort starts with the chair! To maintain good posture in the workplace, you’ll need a chair that’s up to the task. We recommend selecting a professional office seating solution from a reputable brand like Global Total Office, Eurotech Seating, or Mayline. These industry leaders take pride in crafting high quality chairs equipped with the adjustment features needed to keep you sitting pretty during those strenuous days in the workplace. To make a long story short, an ergonomic chair designed for your specific needs is an absolute must. You should expect to spend between $300 and $500 for a high performance chair.

Sit To Stand Keyboard TrayCarpal Tunnel Syndrome is no joke! CPS is incredibly painful and greatly reduces productivity levels in the workplace. Fight back effectively with an articulating keyboard tray that will allow you to compute at comfortable and correct angles. Take things a step further by selecting a sit to stand model that will help you avoid extended sits that can be damaging to your health. Sure a sit to stand desk is the fancy solution, but for those lacking the thousand dollars needed for a high quality station, the right keyboard tray will do the trick in the mean time.

Monitor ArmVisual strain can be just as hindering as physical pain! A computer screen monitor mount will help relieve both. The ability to move your computer screens up, down, closer, or farther away while working is invaluable. With an adjustable monitor mount you’ll instantly create more usable desk space. Raising your monitors to eye level will help reduce neck pain commonly associated with looking down at your computer screens for a long period of time. Dual screen mounts are even better! They’ll further help you cut down the rate at which you compute during those busy days in the office.

CPU Holder
Tired of those hazardous trips underneath your work surface amidst a sea of crumbs, wrappers, and tangled cords to turn on your computer? You need retractable CPU holder! If you’ve ever banged you knee on the CPU when sliding your chair underneath your desk, prepare to fall in love with this product. A retractable holder will allow you to mount your CPU up underneath your desk surface and  out of the way. When you need your CPU, simply slide it down the track to route wires or turn it on. When you’re done, slide it back out of the way. Voila!

Ergonomic Foot RestSimple, affordable, and effective! An ergonomic foot rest is worth it’s weight in gold. If for nothing more, a foot rest acts a constant reminder that you shouldn’t use the base of your office chair as a foot rest. All things considered, those who use their foot rests properly report major improvements in posture and overall effectiveness. At less than a hundred bucks, you can’t go wrong by investing in an adjustable ergonomic foot rest for your space.
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