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Philips Headquarters – Hamburg

Philips Headquarters – Hamburg

Seel Bobsin Partner has developed the new headquarters of global technology company Philips located in Hamburg, Germany.

In December 2015, Philips celebrated their new headquarters office for Germany, Austria and Switzerland with a grand opening ceremony. Research, Development and Production are now combined into one Philips Campus. Within the space, SBP has created a modern workspace with creative themes and particular floors on an office space of 13.500m², arranged on six levels.

Philips aims for an innovative and flexible workspace within their new headquarters. Especially highlighted is the so called “work place innovation”- concept (WPI), which contains modern working approaches, functional and inspirational designed room situations for various tasks. Creative design, additionally forward-looking information-and communication technologies. The main focus of this design was to encourage more employee-communication on all channels (formal/informal).

Through the entire building Seel Bobsin Partner generated an integral guideline in appearance of standard color-and themes codification. This conceptual string end elements of color and subject are visible in every room. On the one hand it makes orientation easier for the employees and on the other it increases the identification with the employees surroundings. The several floor themes are climaxed in the centralized “Break-out-Areas”. Part of the design process was the participation of the Philips employees; finding the topics for these areas, respective floor levels. The topics are typical Hamburg motives, which have been transferred and realized with humoristic parts and quotes. The design theme reaches furthermore all the office working areas, because of the colors and motive selection, which has been continued with signs and graphics.

Additionally Philips has integrated extra zones such as the reception areas, the prestigious showroom together with a show kitchen and the inhouse Cafe “Philistro”. These areas are designed in a contemporary and representative manner. These areas underline the design-expertise of the Philips Company.

The entire planning process was laid out to have as much input as possible from the employees, which had to be considered and furthermore implemented. Throughout this process, SBP found solutions together with the Philips employees, who organized themselves in teams according to the Philips Change-Management. Consequence was a high acceptance from all quarters of the Philips personnel. The huge transformation regarding the interior design and the working environment has been communicated at an early stage, so that supported the further steps.

Now the departments have a variety of working alternatives, which are all neighboured to the open office spaces. Close-by the employees now find focus-rooms, phone booths (concentrated work), which are complemented with further designed sections, such as touch down workspaces, meeting rooms and conference rooms. Sufficient amounts of creative-and conference rooms are now available. The types of rooms are individually adaptable for specific meeting scenarios. These rooms are different in their size and furniture design. Moreover the Philips employees are able for example to use the parents-child room and silent areas. The public roof terrace completes the supply for the Philips colleagues.

Design: Seel Bobsin Partner


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