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OVG Real Estate Offices – Amsterdam

OVG Real Estate Offices – Amsterdam

D/DOCK has developed the new offices of OVG Real Estate located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Collaboration, flexibility and willfulness are the bearers of the interior design of the new work environment of OVG. “A completely innovative concept has successfully been created in our new office in Amsterdam. Health, exercise and a balance between exertion and relaxation are central in this. With its Healing Office concept, D/DOCK has proven to be the perfect partner for us and they have managed to translate our philosophy into a revolutionary interior design. By applying various workplace typologies, we have created an adaptive office, suitable for all possible work methods,” says Jan Hein Tiedema, General Director OVG Nederland.

The result is a completely inverted work environment without room for the traditional office floor. For instance, visitors of OVG get to peek behind the scenes on entry. The traditional front desk has been replaced by an informal kitchen island where the hostess welcomes the customers. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to grab the healthy lunch that is enjoyed at the main table every single day. This office has no cold waiting area. The customer can take a seat in the adjacent living room, near the fireplace or take a seat at the reading table, under the hand-made chandelier of bicycle chains, looking out over Amsterdam.

The office has become a lifestyle environment, designed based on activity related areas, in which the identity and lifestyle of the OVG-employees serves as a foundation. The workstations are located at the back of the core, where people can work without interruption. The front of the core, where communication and interaction are central, is the public area, of which the theater, suitable for workshops and presentations and the meeting room, equipped with a special scrum wall, are part. This is also where the re-energize room is located, a reflection space where people can recharge during a busy work day, that also serves as an informal meeting room.

A true eye catcher of the office is the Energy Station: a refrigerated trolley containing a variety of healthy snacks and refreshments during the day. D/DOCK developed the Energy Station with the mission of having employees eat healthier and debuted the product in the work environment of OVG.

Special about the interior design is the recycling of existing material and furniture. To this end, D/DOCK worked together with Furnify: a design collective that gives depreciated furniture a new design, after which it can be marketed. This way, old chairs from the Rotterdam soccer stadium ‘De Kuip’ were reused and office chairs, designer armchairs and a bright blue cabinet, were given a second life.

Design: D/DOCK
Photography: Alan Jensen


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