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Office Epidemics: Overcrowded Boardroom Tables

Office Epidemics: Overcrowded Boardroom Tables

How To Avoid Overcrowding Your Boardroom by OfficeFurnitureDeals.comKick those old school conference room chairs to the curb. The days of using bulky, overstuffed seating solutions have come to an end. As businesses look for ways to overcome the overcrowded table epidemic that’s swept the nation for years, we’re here to help! Today on the blog we’ll highlight the space saving chairs needed to maximize boardroom potential. Enjoy!

Woodstock Marketing Baez Chair at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comUsing large chairs will greatly reduce elbow room while making your space feel clunky! Save some space without sacrificing visitor comfort with modern boardroom seating from the Woodstock Marketing Baez collection. Baez mid and high back models feature full mesh seating surfaces that provide exceptional support and comfort. The breathable design keeps users feeling light and airy while the space saving characteristics are sure to help you avoid the common problems associated with overcrowding your table!

Global Total Office Vion Boardroom Chair at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comOn average, you’ll want to provide about 3′ of space per guest around the boardroom table in your meeting area. That means, you need to find chairs that aren’t overly bulky, and aren’t too small to provide a comfortable sitting experience. That being said, you can’t go wrong with the Vion conference chair from Global Total Office in 2016. These designer mesh back chairs with loop style arms provide exceptional adjustment features and a generously padded seat. The 25.5″ wide design on models like the 6322-3-C is perfect for professional boardroom settings.

Ribbed Back Conference Chairs at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comYou can’t expect your boardroom guests to retain important information delivered during presentation and strategy sessions if they’re uncomfortable. Sadly, businesses often think that the more padding a chair has, the more comfortably the sit. This isn’t always the case. Larger executive style conference seating will often leave users feeling overheated and uncomfortable! To avoid this common misconception, go with a space saving chair like the OTG11734B from Offices To Go. With sufficient padded and a trend setting design, this ribbed back conference chair is an absolute winner. Multiple color options are available to compliment the polished frame and base.

Eurotech Europa Chair at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comBusinesses looking to create a modern boardroom will want to maximize their budget by avoiding the classic conference room chairs of years passed. Provide employees with the spacious meeting experience they deserve with chairs like the Europa from Eurotech Seating. These boardroom chairs with European Design characteristics are sleek, inviting, and sure to earn your space the compliments they deserve.

Mayline Valore Boardroom Chair TSH3Last but certainly not least, shoppers looking for ways to avoid boardroom makeover mistakes will certainly want to consider the TSH3 Valore series chair from Mayline, This space saving mesh back chair features a polished chrome base and contemporary loop arm design. The TSH3 Valore chair provides exceptional value when compared to old school executive conferencing models that do little to maximize functionality and appeal. At just $291.99, the TSH3 is an absolute bargain buy. Enjoy these contemporary boardroom chairs that save space in a choice of 3 quick shipping color options.

In the long run, boardroom square footage is always at a premium. Avoiding the overcrowding epidemic is easy if you know the right types of chairs to look for. This year, ribbed back and sleek mesh models are the only way to go. Help your business craft a space that looks great and outperforms the competition by giving those bulky chairs the book and skyrocketing performance with seating that’s up to date with today’s standards.
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