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Office Color Trends for Fall 2016

Office Color Trends for Fall 2016

As we approach the third and fourth financial quarters, the new season calls for commercial offices to rethink their color schemes for cooler weather (in the Northern hemisphere). Because we spend most of our waking hours at our place of work, it’s important to make the environment as amenable as possible to productivity, psychological wellness, and comfort. Colors have also been proven to stimulate brain activity in employees and management in similar ways as furniture or office layout reassignments do.

Here are five elegant, beautiful colors for the new season that any commercial office can adopt. We suggest adding a splash of color to an accent wall, or use cushions, frames, lighting covers, runners, or accessories to reflect your new palette.


Burgundy is a luxurious color that is undeniably, quintessentially “autumn.” From fashion to makeup to shoes to office accessories, burgundy offers a timeless rich hue that pairs well with either black or brown palettes, offering a pop of color to neutral “beachy” tones, or a daring streak of red to a minimalist black and white scheme.

Try burgundy in cushions, acoustic wall or ceiling panels, or in leather office accessories such as pencil cases and card holders.



Perfect for the C-suite or conference rooms and board rooms, gray is a wonderful color to convey class, elegance and luxury. If you are planning to expand or change locations or staff, we strongly recommend choosing modular, collaborative and executive furniture in gray upholstery with silver or dark wood finishes.

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With gold accents, the office will feel a little warmer. Psychological studies show that gold and yellow undertones boost energy levels as well as states of wellbeing in the office. Try gold accents in pillows, seating, and accessories in high-traffic areas where impressions count: reception, hallways, and lounges.

Gold accents such as reception desks make bright, bold impressions during the colder months


Like burgundy, plum is a rich autumnal color that can go on accent walls and used in larger furniture pieces, such as couches or dividers in modular office furniture. We recommend that plum be used in an office that already has a lot of natural or bright lighting. Otherwise, be wary of using too much of one dark tone as it absorbs light.

Use plum as an accent color in larger modern office furniture pieces such as acoustic seating, or an accent office wall

Citrus Orange

If you’re truly preparing an “office of tomorrow,” be ready to embrace a citrus orange. This high energy color pops when used on a single focal point: the reception desk, elevator doors, the conference table, or acoustic wall panels. It draws attention and brightens the room, so use it strategically to warm up and energize an area where employees need it the most.

Citrus orange collaborative furniture such as this seating, draws attention and engagement

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