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Must-have Desk Lighting Features of The Future

Must-have Desk Lighting Features of The Future

Chances are if you have a desk light itโ€™s got one feature, the on/off switch. But thatโ€™s quickly changing as ergonomic research moves beyond the office desk and chair. There have been many advancements in desk lighting technology and theyโ€™re ushering in a new wave of advanced desk light that are not only stylish but highly functional and focused on supporting the body. Here are 5 new features that are a must-have on your next desk light:

1. Dimming and Brightness

Employees definitely need dimmers and scale-able adjustments to prevent eye strain. Also, in an office environment, you will have workers of all ages with differing vision needs – dimmers and brightness features can better accommodate this and prevent eye strain and headaches during the work day.

2. Warm/Cold Spectrum

Warm and cold spectrum adjustments on desk lighting can also help reduce eye strain and work well with natural lighting in your office, further reducing operational costs. LED technology has also made these warm and cold spectrum options much better suited to office environments in recent years, giving you a wide variety of lamps to choose from.

3. Occupancy Sensors

Smart lighting has made huge strides lately, and occupancy sensors are a big part of it. Your desk lamps can automatically turn on as someone enters his or her workspace, and connect with other light sources throughout the office through wireless technology.

4. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency has become a major goal for many businesses. It lowers operational costsย and is easier on the environment. As such, many new desk lamps gone to LED lights. Thanks to dimming and lighting technology, lamps also operate at a much lower cost and with less energy consumption.

5. Wireless Chargers & USB Ports

Many desk-lighting options now come with wireless phone chargers and USB ports. Lamps can not only offer great task lightingย but also charge your phone and fully integrate into your desk space, removing wires and clutter.ย Efficient and beautiful desk lighting is a must for modern work environments. Be sure to take a look at all of the great LED lighting features from Office Designs to make the best possible choice for your office.

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