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Moose Toys Offices – Cheltenham

Moose Toys Offices – Cheltenham

PTID has designed the new offices of Moose Toys located in Cheltenham, Australia.

The design supports Moose’s vision as a can do, fun, dynamic, inclusive, connected and effective workplace that attracts, retains and develops the most brilliant minds and creative talent in toy design and development.

The creative studio and office is divided into neighbourhoods over 2 levels that are connected through a central open atrium with the super-sized beanstalk complete with cubby hut perched precariously on the edge with rampant tendrils entwined with the structure of the building. There are a range of spaces that the Moose team can work from – individual studio space, open meeting areas, social hubs and R&D toy workshops – fully equipped with 3D printers for real time toy development, product develop rooms, planogram/VM spaces and consumer focus group spaces – each has distinct Moose personality through colour, texture and form that breathes life into every task.

Strong visual cues through colour, materiality and texture, create varying spaces for different activity modes. Materials and their construction were ‘opened up’, layers peeled back and core elements revealed through expressed detailing.

Design: PTID
Photography: Carl Martin / PTID


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