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How to Upgrade Your Conference Table For The Future

How to Upgrade Your Conference Table For The Future

Welcome to the 21st century, where employees are plugged in, remote working is the new normal, and your audience is globally based. It’s time to upgrade your conference room and introduce a new, modern conference table that will help you stay connected without the fuss and mess of a traditional, heavy table. Check out these options for a smart meeting surface:

Strongproject conference tableWhether you want minimal and clean, white surfaces…

shop conference tables at strongproject…or a beautiful, wood-grain tapered top, there are plenty of options to fit reflect your company’s aesthetic and commercial office design.

strongproject conference tableLook for modern conference tables that allow for versatility with their audio/visual connections as well as their ability to hide cords and prevent trips and accidents.

strongproject conference tablesSmart storage for conference line technology and speaker phones is an absolute must for your upgrade solution. Make sure to take the right measurements for what you’ll need. Your conference table should work for you, not the other way around.

strongproject conference table solutions for the modern commercial officeThe modern commercial office needs outlets at your fingertips, not across the room in a wall. These contemporary tables offer internal wiring that easily plugs in to your walls, while creating “tangle-free” access to AV jacks, HDMI cables, USB ports, power outlets, and more. Stay charged and uninterrupted during longer meetings.

look good while getting stuff done with strongproject commercial office furnitureEnjoy a new, sleek conference table for your commercial office space. Browse the collection to find just the right size, finish, and layout to fit your company’s aesthetic.

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