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Greystar Real Estate Partners Offices – Charleston

Greystar Real Estate Partners Offices – Charleston

LS3P has designed the new offices of real estate firm Greystar Real Estate Partners located in Charleston, South Carolina.

Greystar Real Estate Partners is an energetic, fast-growing development company who needed a new corporate office space for their accounting department in Charleston’s historic district. The team required an open-office environment for its employees to capitalize on the energy of the young staff. The space, which occupies the 3rd floor of two historic buildings which have been joined together into one, offered opportunities to showcase the different design elements of the two existing buildings.

The design team purposefully placed shared private meeting spaces along the central spine of the two buildings, creating continuous opportunities for employees to move, intermix, and engage with colleagues. The employee lounge offers spaces for staff to enjoy lunch or casual breakout meeting spaces. The ceiling clouds are utilized in lieu of a continuous ceiling, to increase the overall height of the space.

This new open, well-connected space is providing substantial benefits in terms of collaboration, wellness, and employee engagement.

Design: LS3P
Photography: Matt Silk Photography


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