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Future Of Office Furniture in Dubai and Office Design

Future Of Office Furniture in Dubai and Office Design

Future Of Office Furniture in Dubai and Office Design

The changes in the technology is not only changing our lives but also changing our working environment. ย The ‘comfortable furniture’ factor is important but now it is important to buy the furniture which comes ready with technology. This idea revolutionizing the work-spaces and designers are now working hard to add technology in the officeย design.

The challenge comes in integrating the technology in the office furniture. In Dubai businesses are demanding tech savvy work-spaces. Many of the furniture manufactures such as SAGTCO are adapting to these demand by providing integrated technology in office workstations and in office furniture in Dubai.


Integrated technology in office furniture

Many of our desk come ready with the all-in-one integrated power outlets, USB ports for charging, networking ports for networking and telephone. Same is integrated in office workstations partitions for easy access to power and communication modules.


Office Workstation desk with power module


Office Table with side powder module


Office Workstation with integrated powder module



Explore how theย office furniture in Dubai is evolving with latest technology and learn more about products which are with latest technology integrated designs.

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