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Financial Services Company Offices – Irvine

Financial Services Company Offices – Irvine

Wirt Design has developed a new office space for a confidential financial services client located in Irvine, California.

In designing branch offices for this iconic financial institution’s private wealth management services, Wirt Design tailors each office to the client base and local geography. For Irvine, California, that once meant a conservative, mature audience. But because they were moving to a new location it made sense to update the aesthetic to something more of its time that would attract new, younger clients.

There’s still marble and dark wood, but also glass and metal, an open stair and a shiny white countertop in the break room. The update speaks to those who acquired their net worth the old-fashioned way, as well as those finding theirs in a new economy.

Visitors are greeted with a marine sculpture on the wall in front of them upon exiting the elevator. To the right the corridor opens to the beckoning reception desk. To the left are closed doors leading into the office space. The way in is clear and inviting.

The designers were careful not squander the building’s floor-to-ceiling glazing. They positioned low-slung credenzas and short tables along the window line to maintain views of the mountains and beach communities of the surrounding area. Elsewhere, seating areas are oriented to those views.

The space is finished with marble tiled floors and paintings and sculpture from local talent. The art is hand selected by Wirt designers and a consultant, and is another way to connect with the clients, many of whom are art collectors and connected to the local art community.

Design: Wirt Design
Photography: Art Gray


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