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Ergo Combat: 5 Cool Chairs Ready To Help You Battle Back Pain

Ergo Combat: 5 Cool Chairs Ready To Help You Battle Back Pain

Tired of dealing with workplace discomfort and long days filled with back pain? We’ve got you covered! Today on the blog we’re highlighting top notch ergonomic seating solutions designed to help you roll into ergonomic combat in style. These best selling chairs offer the user friendly features needed to adjust quickly and efficiently to maintain peak performance levels.

Global Accord Chair from OfficeFurnitureDeals.comFirst up, the 2676-2 Global Accord chair with mesh back. This high end conference room chair boasts a thick padded seat, sleek back design, and polished chrome features. Leave not doubt, the 2676-2 Accord chair will be your best friend during those long group strategy sessions and presentations. The Accord is a smooth operating, easy to use mesh chair that’s ready for the demands of any modern workplace.

Mayline Ultimo Chair from OfficeFurnitureDeals.comFinding ways to combine cool and comfort a budget is no easy task. Thankfully, brands like Mayline are ready to help. Their best selling UL330M Ultimo series chair is ready to aid you in your quest to battle back pain. With it’s multi functional mechanism and executive desk, the UL330M is perfect for upscale interiors.

Weight Sensing Office Chair from OfficeFurnitureDeals.comIf you find yourself siting for long periods of time, you’ll need a task chair that’s ready to properly support your back. While you should take a short break at least once every hour to stay fresh, when extended sits are unavoidable, go into ergo combat with the 11322B weight sensing office chair from Offices To Go. This advanced “smart chair” automatically responds to user movements to provide a reliable sitting experience that minimizes the ergonomic learning curve.

iDesk Ambarella Chair from CherrymanDon’t let a limited budget fool you into thinking you have to settle for discomfort in the workplace. For the minimal investment of $206.50, the Ambarella chair from the Cherryman Industries iDesk seating collection will help you achieve a luxurious sitting experience. With a built in user comfort card and synchronizing mechanism, the Ambarella is far more exquisite that it’s everyday low price point indicates. Sit in it once and you’ll be instantly hooked!

Woodstock Marketing Creedence ChairRock your way into comfort with the incredibly cool Creedence mesh chair from Woodstock Marketing. This attractive computer chair boasts a contoured back that avoids restricting upper body movement. The Creedence will instantly strike a chord with chair shoppers as it comes standard with high end features that include adjustable arms, a waterfall seat edge, and weight activated mechanism with tilt tension control! For the everyday low price of just $329.99, the Creedence chair makes it easy to go into ergonomic combat without breaking the bank. These stylish chairs from Woodstock Marketing offer top notch craftsmanship and durability. To make a long story short, the Creedence chair is lives up to it’s supremely respected name.
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