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Endesa Coworking Offices – Madrid

Endesa Coworking Offices – Madrid

3g Office has developed the design of the new coworking office Endesa located in Madrid, Spain.

Coworking spaces are dynamic spaces where synergies from their community of users are taken advantage of, in order create business strategies. A unique space with a unique appearance, collaborative spaces and a program for the exchange of ideas, all which contributes to accomplish the ambitious goal set by 3g office: to create a space for cooperation with its own identity, a corporate spot which will act as an engine of innovation for the company.

This space will be the incubator of the cultural change in the company and will serve as a driving shuttle of new ideas and therefore new services and lines of business.

With a wide visibility from the large atrium where all the floors of the building converge, a large video-wall with corporate content relating to the innovative activity of the Coworking identifies its position. Inside, a great diversity and richness of space types, presided over by the ‘Blue Point’, acting a centre and as the symbolic engine. Surrounding the Blue Point: open areas for work, agile meetings, cabins and modules of concentrated work, area of creativity, meeting rooms and video conferencing rooms, phone booths and a special generator room ideas.

Design: 3g Office


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