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Dimension Data Offices – Singapore

Dimension Data Offices – Singapore

Merge OTR has designed the new offices of information technology company Dimension Data located in Singapore.

Helping people engage: Collaborative spaces are planned near & around the main work area in the form of meeting rooms, discussion pods & phone booths. Writable paint converts wall surfaces into brainstorming aids. These facilities enable staffs to rapidly get into non-formal collaborative activities with minimal fuss.

Bringing People together: A town hall/ main breakout area named ‘The Stadium’ was designed beside the staircase at the main office floor. Tiered seating facilitates town hall meetings & departmental briefings. Collapsible & stackable furniture provides flexibility to convert the space for wellness activities.

Enabling work to happen anywhere: The overall proposal provides a variety of working modes in the form of sit-down meeting rooms, phone booths, discussion pods, working pods, focus pods, hot-desks & breakout areas. Coupled with the provision of Wifi hotspots (whole office) & videoconferencing equipment (in all meeting rooms & phone booths), staffs are empowered to dictate their preferred working style and across borders & time zones with overseas counterparts.

Environmental responsibility: Dimension Data has a committed global sustainability vision & thus placed the same emphasis on the new fit out. The office was designed & built to attain the Singapore Building & Construction Authority’s Greenmark scheme Gold award through the use of sustainable construction materials & good environmental practices.

Expression and Identity (space as branding platform): The company is portrayed as a professional business entity that is at the same time fun-loving. Front of house is decidedly corporate looking with its clean & sleek language. The Tri-Boardroom takes on the same delta shape as the company logo, reflecting a strong sense of brand imagery. Transiting into the back of house, skate scooters, swing seats, classroom furniture & live-size Vespa scooter expressed the company’s vibrant culture.

The fit out has been operational for 6 months and our proposal demonstrated that we are able to bring staffs from different BUs into a highly interactive environment. The office is now a nucleus where cross-pollination of ideas occurs freely. People communicate more at both the formal & informal level and identify more with each other. What used to be co-worker is now a colleague and a colleague has now become a friend. These intangible dynamics serve as a broader organisational goal driving the company forward in an increasingly challenging business environment.

Design: Merge OTR


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