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Dealogic – Budapest Offices

Dealogic – Budapest Offices

In October of 2010, Dealogic set-up their new Software Development Centre for 180 employees in a 2000 sqm office space in Budapest, Hungary

The project goal was to create a unique and yet cost-effective office space to support the Client’s corporate and HR goals, since the design and layout of the workplace make a significant difference in employee recruitment and retention, turnover costs, corporate culture, employee health and well-being, productivity, and consequently, profit. The design goal was come up with an intelligent, expressive, and inspiring office design that shapes the company’s identity and generates positive energy and creative thinking, while also promoting accountability and responsibility. Above all, the space needed to create and naturally link teams, optimize processes and paths of communication, and help individuals do their jobs with maximum comfort and efficiency.

As a result, the new facility boasts a contemporary, clean and spacious, a “feel at home” interior with the hottest contemporaries of young Hungarian designers and Hungarian fine arts. This was one part a cultural mission, to make the works and the shapers of today’s visual arts and handling of forms better known. On the other hand, these useful and decorative objects, sculptures, and pictures focused on the idea of making work places homey, while at the same time, it was subconsciously stimulating creativity, team work, and performance.

There are also cozy sofas, resting equipments in the lounge, library and kitchen area in order to support collectivism, team spirit and provide with precious time in the breaks. By the means of forms, colors, materials and uncommon accessory we brought in a sense of humor and gave the idea of variability and mobility, depicting the process of creating ideas, creative thinking. Complete with ergonomic furniture, state-of-the-art technologies and modern amenities, the space is designed to foster a dynamic work environment and attract the Y-generation software developers for whom, after salary and career, the work environment comes third in importance. Dealogic’s new office is good examples in an increasingly competitive market of how much extra a creative, likeable workplace and a highly developed work culture mean.

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