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Bubble Offices – Prague

Bubble Offices – Prague

Content agency Bubble has recently moved into a new office space located in Prague, Czech Republic. We viewed their previous office space back in 2013.

The Prague-based content agency, Bubble, has kicked up its modern offices yet another notch. Telling stories for a living, Bubble’s interior design is a story in itself.

The choice of the building was a tactical move that paid off. The former printing offices promised a perfect turf, with the interior’s industrial touch staying true to the agency’s way of work. Bursting with openness, originality and communication.

The agency puts emphasis on an open and flexible working environment to drive teamwork and efficiency. Each section of its spacious offices is designed down to the last detail to serve best its purpose. From the kitchen inviting to a chat over a meal, the meeting room resembling a sauna, the fully equipped studio for an in-house production, the floors from recycled wood, to the furniture combining sturdiness and natural finish for working comfort and quality.

Apart from the modern design, the interior retains its industrial legacy in elements like beams, French double-pane windows or boards suspended on ropes. Last but not least, the walls are decorated with mural art from the hands of Bubble’s own graphic designer, or a company logo in a glowing white neon to highlight the company spirit.

Bubble’s modern offices deliver a clear message – that looking smart, fresh and sophisticated is the way they roll.

Design: Coll Coll + Bubble
Illustration: Vera Matys
Photography: Michal Ures


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