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Arbor Philanthropy Offices – Minneapolis

Arbor Philanthropy Offices – Minneapolis

NELSON has designed the new offices of Arbor Philanthropy located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Arbor Philanthropy, a non-profit philanthropic group of organizations that services the private wealth of a prominent real estate developer, enlisted the services of NELSON to provide interior design services for its 8,000 SF office location in downtown Minneapolis. In creating a unique and welcoming space for both guests and clients alike, the NELSON Team envisioned a warm design concept complete with family heirlooms, adding to the client’s desired residential feel.

Capturing a modern approach to design, the space is open with collaboration rooms for impromptu meetings. Glass front offices add a sense of transparency while allowing natural light to infiltrate the space’s interiors. A customized reception area with a reclaimed wooden ceiling makes guests feel as though they’re at home. Additionally, the space includes a library, break room, and meditating phone rooms for private conversations and meetings.

The completed space is a culmination of the client’s needs – a place that pays homage to Arbor Philanthropy’s founders while providing guests and employees with a warm and welcoming environment.

Design: NELSON
Photography: Brandon Stengel

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