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6 Ways To Keep Your Office Remodel On Track

6 Ways To Keep Your Office Remodel On Track
6 Ways To Keep Your Office Remodel On Track by

When not well planned, any office remodeling project can become a headache! It’s absolutely essential to prepare in advance to ensure your makeover stays on track. That being said, we’ll give you 6 key ways to do just that today on the blog.

1.) Check Your Measurements

Don’t rely on old blue prints and “guesstimations”. Always, always, always, take interior measurements yourself. When obtaining the perimeter dimensions of your space, make note of all entry ways, windows, power outlets, and room obstructions that will affect your office makeover ideas and furniture layouts. Once you have accurate dimensions, double and even triple check them. There’s absolutely nothing worse than purchasing new office furniture, only to find that it doesn’t fit upon arrival.

2.) Review Lead Times

Before you fall in love with a furniture line, be sure to check manufacturing and ship times. This will ensure you purchase products from a collection that fits into your project schedule. Typically, in stock products are the way to go for businesses up against tight remodeling deadlines, they usually ship within 2 days of order. If you’re more interested in made to order and custom furnishings for your interior, plan in advance to ensure you stay on track. All too often, shoppers select new office furniture and find that it will take 3 to 4 weeks to manufacture. This causes logistical problems that can be avoided with a little research upfront.

3.) Get To Know Your Furniture Dealer

Forming a good relationship with your office furniture provider will definitely help your project stay on track. Contact various dealers by phone to see what level of customer service they provide before making a purchase. Once you’re new furniture is ordered, contact your dealer again. Get email info, direct phone numbers, and points of contact that will help your maintain control of your project. To make a long story short, forming a friendly relationship with your dealer will have them ready, willing, and able to help you with ways to conduct a successful office remodeling project from start to finish.

4.) Request Tracking Information

It’s always a good idea to get tracking information as soon as possible. Be proactive, and don’t rely on a furniture manufacturer or dealer to provide it. If you stay on top of tracking your shipment, you’ll be able to have your space ready to roll by the time it arrives. The tracking of your furniture and office seating deliveries will provide you with a window to actively remove old furniture, clean your interior, paint, and effectively prep to keep your project on track.

5.) Enlist Helpers

Tackling an office remodeling project alone is tough! It’s always smart to enlist a team of helpers to help things run smoothly. As too many assistants can become more of a hassle than a help, you’ll really only need 2 committed individuals for small to medium sized projects. You helpers can stay on top of tracking, assist with space preparation, and most importantly, assist with furniture assembly to ensure a safe remodel.

6.) Prep For Installation

Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to effectively prep for installation and assembly. A few days before your furniture arrives, create a plan of attack with your team. Start by creating a dedicated staging area to avoid taking all the boxes full of new furniture into your space at once. This will help you avoid a crowded and cluttered assembly process. Determine with your team the items that need to be put together first. Bring them in one at a time for assembly. Break down boxes and remove them as you go to prevent a major debris pile up! Rest assured, any executive office desk and chair will be well packed. There’s going to be a lot of cardboard and bubble wrap to dispose of. A well thought out installation will have you finishing your project successfully and without any last minute surprises.
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