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5 Simple Tips For Maintaining Ergonomically Correct Posture

5 Simple Tips For Maintaining Ergonomically Correct Posture
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The quest for perfect posture may seem like an invincible adversary. That being said, it doesn’t have to be over complicated and frustrating. Today on the Office Furniture Deals Blog we’ll highlight 5 simple tips to help you achieve an ergonomically correct sitting experience you can rely on. By sticking to the basic advice in this post, you’ll be on your way to a significantly improved work day. Enjoy!

1.) Don’t Slouch

First things first, you can’t slouch in your chair! Take the time to synchronize your chair and workstation to ensure you’re able to sit upright and effective. When adjusting your office chair, set the back angle to a position in which you’re able to maintain constant contact while working. Each time you lean away from your chair, you’re missing out on key support and posture suffers as a result. Instead of leaning forward to look at your computer screen when typing and operating throughout the day, rely on your chair back and it’s ergonomic benefits.

2.) Improve Blood Flow

When you sit for long periods of time with minimal movement, your muscles begin to stiffen up. You might even experience cramping and physical pain. The poor blood flow epidemic has swept the nation for too long. Regular movement will help avoid this common problem that causes posture to suffer. Once every hour, make it a point to stand up and stretch your muscles. Walk around your office to get the blood flowing. To further improve blood flow and posture, you may consider making the switch to a sit to stand office desk or ergonomic chair chair with waterfall seat edge.

3.) Reduce Fatigue

Think of your work day as a marathon, not a sprint. Strive to maintin energy levels throughout your work day and avoid the health risks associated with poor posture by pacing yourself. That being said, to properly pace yourself, you’ll need to reduce fatigue. When your tired, stressed, and overwhelmed, bad posture habits are ready to creep in! To fight back, stay hydrated. You should always have water at your workstation. In addition, don’t overly stress about sitting perfectly every second. Remembering long lists of posture tips can be a hassle. As an alternative, place a list of reminders within eye sight of your desk. This will help ease your mind, reduce fatigue, and improve posture.

4.) Avoid Perching

Don’t use the base of your fancy ergonomic office chair as a foot rest. This bad posture habit is commonly referred to as perching! Instead, operate with your feet placed flat on the ground and facing forward. This ensures stability, quality blood flow, and reduces fatigue.

5.) Don’t Look Down

When operating at your desk, your head and neck should be aligned with your computer screen. Unfortunately, the factory base that came with your computer monitor makes this a difficult task to accomplish. The preferred solution is an ergonomic monitor mount from a brand like ESI Ergonomic Solutions, Symmetry Office, or Mayline. With an attachable computer screen mount you’ll be able to raise your computer screens to eye level to avoid looking down. As you type work throughout the day with your head upright, you’ll reduce neck pain and strain that causes productivity levels to drop. Properly leveled monitors will help you maintain good posture that will result in improved performance levels.
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