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5 Great Desk Light Options For The Modern Office

5 Great Desk Light Options For The Modern Office

Whether you head into the office for the day or work from home, there are a lot of useful aspects of having solid desk lighting.

Why is a Great Desk Light Important?

It’s been a classic part of the working experience for several decades, and it’s easy to see why. Desk lighting has practical benefits, like being able to clearly see what tasks you are working on – not to mention preventing eye strain. Additionally, they increase the quality of life in your office by adding dimension, scale, and aesthetics. And, there are really wonderful energy-efficient desk lamp options out there that can add both form and function. Here are five excellent desk lighting options to consider:

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Humanscale Disc LED Light

1. Humanscale Disc LED Light

This lighting option has everything you could want in terms of sustainability and design. The sleek neck and Thin Film LED technology not only adds a contemporary ambiance to your office, but it also has the energy efficiency you need to keep up with a full workday. There are also one-touch adjustability and dimming technology features that can fit into to any work environment, and dim the bulbs when you are out of the office. Configure Disc LED Light

5 Great Desk Light Options For The Modern Office

Koncept Gravy Desk Light

2. Koncept Gravy Desk Light

If minimalism is your thing, you can’t go wrong with the sleek design of Koncept task lighting. Choose from a variety of lighting color temperatures, as well as lamps in shades of silver and white that can easily incorporate into any decor. You can also enjoy a table mount with occupancy sensors and control, and multiple sizes to easily match your desk design. Configure Gravy Desk Light

5 Great Desk Light Options For The Modern Office

Humanscale Horizon Light

3. Humanscale Horizon Light

This is one of the more popular options for desk lighting, and with the high performance and functionality of the product, it’s easy to see why. By using Thin Film LED Technology and fluid lighting, you can get a beautiful-looking desk lamp that has power as well as sleek design. This lighting option was also the winner of the Red Dot Award and the Next Generation Luminaries Award and has a permanent display in the Museum of Modern Art. With efficiency, design and beauty all rolled into one, the Horizon Light is always a safe bet for a modern office. Configure Horizon Light

5 Great Desk Light Options For The Modern Office

Humanscale Vision LED Light

4. Humanscale Vision LED Light

This beautiful lamp only gives off 7 watts of power, has a 60,000-hour lifespan and adjusts easily to match many desk configurations. In addition, it is one of the only lamps to meet the Department of Energy’s criteria for a LED task light. So, if efficiency is your main goal, this is the desk lighting option for you. Configure Vision LED Light

5 Great Desk Light Options For The Modern Office

Steelcase Dash Task Light

5. Steelcase Dash Light

With a classic frame and finish, the Steelcase Dash Light has a mid-century feel with plenty of modern flourishes. You can also enjoy continuous dimming controls and a variety of frame finish colors to match the design of your office. If you want a lot of options with your desk lighting design, you can’t go wrong with the Steelcase Dash Light. Configure Dash Light

Desk lighting is an essential part of your overall office design. Be sure to consider one of these elegant, energy-efficient options as part of your workplace’s aesthetic. With practical and design elements, desk lighting is a must for any office.

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