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10 Things To Consider When Purchasing Your First Office Chair

10 Things To Consider When Purchasing Your First Office Chair

10 Things To Consider When Purchasing An Office Chair by OfficeFurnitureDeals.comPurchasing your first office chair is a big deal. As you’ll no doubt want to make a smart ergonomic investment, we’re here to help. Today on the Office Furniture Deals Blog we’ll highlight the 10 things you’ll need to be aware of to obtain optimal value and comfort. Enjoy!

1.) Mechanism

The mechanism is the brain of your office chair. Approximately 75% of all functions are controlled with the levers coming off of your mechanism. This year weight sensing mechanisms have been the latest craze. Chairs like the 6331-8 Vion from Global Total Office are amongst the most popular models on the market equipped with weight sensing mechanisms. Alternative mechanisms like Syncro-Titlers are also excellent options to consider when chair shopping.

2.) Arms

Adjustable or non-adjustable, that is the question! All silly jokes aside, the arms on our chair play a key roll in overall functionality. Office chairs with loop style arms are typically used in conference chairs, while adjustable arm models are the preferred choice for intensive tasking and computing. The top rated office chairs of 2016 come equipped with multi functional chair ups that adjust vertically and horizontally. Check out the the iOO chair from Eurotech Seating to see what we mean!

3.) Back Height

Office chairs are commonly available in low, mid, and high back variations. If you’re a taller individual, you’ll likely want to opt for a high back chair to provide you with the support you need to operate efficiently. Pay close attention to the back height of chairs you’re considering for your workspace.

4.) Dimensions

Much like with back height, you’ll want to pay close attention to dimensions to ensure you select a chair that fits your body type. To determine what seat and back dimensions you’ll need to survive those long days at the office, visit a showroom in your area. Take a notepad to jot down dimensions of chairs you found comfortable and supportive. If you plan to purchase your office chair online as we recommend, any reputable seating provider should have dimensions handy to provide you with the essential info needed to make an educated purchasing decision.

5.) Weight Rating

The weight rating of your chair is very important, especially for the big and tall crowd. You don’t want to select a chair that’s not built to handle you for long periods of time. While weight ratings are typically a bit conservative, they should still be considered and followed by any chair shopper.

6.) Brand

Not all office chairs are considered equal. As you’ll no doubt be met with thousands of models to choose from, we highly recommend limiting your search to a few key brands you can rely on. We suggest Eurotech Seating, Global Total Office, and Offices To Go with confidence. Rest assured, there’s a high quality office chair from each of these brands to meet every ergonomic need and budget.

7.) Upholstery

Leather, mesh, or fabric? Which will you choose? Until you test out models from each category, it’s a guessing game. Sure leather is luxurious, but it’s not breathable like mesh. Fabric chairs are often available in cool color options, but are they as durable as high end leathers? Do your research before making a purchase by asking your dealer of choice about the benefits of each option. Always be sure to inquire about the grade of material used on the chair. Upholsteries are graded by the amount of “double rubs” they can withstand. It helps users determine long term durability and quality!

8.) Reviews

Honest reviews are valuable tools to consider when trying to select the best office chair for your personal needs. While not all reviews can be trusted, those done by non bias parties and buyers are invaluable. You can find awesome reviews and even demo videos on blogs like ours, manufacturer websites, and even YouTube!

9.) Price

If you get a great deal on your office chair, you’ll feel fantastic about your purchase. To find the best office chair value buys, call dealers directly. You can spend a ton of time browsing coupon sites, but we recommend making a two minute phone call. Dealers will be happy to give you over the phone pricing and even discounted models you might not have considered. You’ll also get a great idea on the level of customer service they provide.

10.) Manual

Last but certainly not least, any reputable manufacturer will have the manuals of their products posted online. Before purchasing your first office chair, check out the owners manual and assembly instructions to ensure you’r not getting in over your head. To be quite honest, office chairs are only as good as their owners. Many of today’s chairs are confusing and tend to leave buyers disappointed with their purchases. Reviewing the manual of chairs your considering will have you ahead of the curve! When your new chair arrives, you’ll be ready to master it’s features and achieve unrivaled comfort.
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