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Here's The 6 Things Needed To Create An Awesome Conference Room in Dubai Abu Dhabi

Here’s The 6 Things Needed To Create An Awesome Conference Room in Dubai Abu Dhabi

Conference room makeovers can be fun and rewarding. If you know the items you need to outfit your space, the process will go smoothly. The end result will be a well rounded space built for the needs of your growing business. Today on the blog, we’ll highlight the 6 items needed to maximize your meeting area. Enjoy!

1.) Powered Conference Table

Powered Conference Table from Mayline

Powered conference tables are the way of the future. Once thought of as luxury items that we’re simply too costly to be viable solutions for most businesses, powered tables have become the industry standard. Brands like Mayline and Global Total Office are making their mark with versatile powered conference table models that will help streamline your important presentations. Powered table surfaces can be outfitted with USB, HDMI, AC, and other popular data input options that simplify conference room gatherings.

2.) Comfy Chairs

Comfortable Conference Room Chairs

To create an awesome conference room, you’ll need comfy chairs. Comfortable conference room seating will ensure your guests are properly supported during long meetings. When selecting your chairs, look for sleek models with European design influences. The days of using overstuffed, executive style conference chairs are rapidly fading away. In 2016, it’s all about maximizing space without sacrificing comfort. Take one look at the Offices To Go model 11730 white leather conference room chair and you’ll see what we mean. At just $221.95 each, these OTG chairs are a must consider for your project.

3.) Storage Cabinet

Conference Room Storage Cabinet

A messy conference room is far from awesome. You need to create and maintain a well organized meeting area that’s ready to work at a moments notice. To get the job done, purchase a file cabinet with the same finish as your table. While enhancing corporate appeal, you’ll also be improving the organizational potential of your space. A conference room wall cabinet is preferred over a traditional filing cabinet as they work better for storing important presentation materials and commonly used stationary.

4.) Strategizing Board

Folding White Board Cabinet

During important presentations and training sessions you’ll likely want to involve your guests. That being said, a conference room strategizing board is an absolute must. Most of today’s top casegoods furniture lines offers matching presentation accessories that will help you get the job done without sacrificing visual appeal. A folding presentation board with dry erase surface will make it easy to jot down important ideas and notes during your next boardroom meeting.

5.) Lectern

Conference Room Lectern

Finding a lectern to match your space is easier said than done. To simplify your search, check out brand like Mayline, Global Total Office, and Safco. They offer universal lecterns to match nearly any table. A lectern may not be used during every meeting, but during presentations they really come in handy. Make your space look more professional while helping guest speakers feel more comfortable by integrating a cost effective lectern.

6.) Flat Screen

Conference Room Smart TV

If you truly want to take your conference room to the next level, mount a smart TV on the main wall of your space. While this will be a hefty investment, a smart TV will certainly put your meeting area over the top. Mounting your TV is the easy part. Brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions and Symmetry Office offer the adjustable screen mounting solutions needed to ergofy your boardroom. With your flat screen installed, you’ll be able to watch important training DVD’s and pull up computer presentations without the need for that old school projector cart that’s be squeaking around the halls of your business for years.
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