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  • Trading Technologies office by Kyoob-id, Singapore

    The reception is styled with an open and airy concept with full-height glass doors letting in maximum daylight for a…

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  • Stibbe office by Fokkema & Partners, Amsterdam – The Netherlands

    Combined with the high-quality of the overall detailing and the balanced colour-scheme, inspired by the 50’s, create an interior to…

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  • Must-have Desk Lighting Features of The Future

    There have been many advancements in desk lighting technology. Check out these must-have desk lighting features. The post Must-have Desk…

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  • Dexter studios office by WGNB, Seoul – South Korea

    Dexter studios office by WGNB, Seoul - South Korea

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  • Simple Office Layout Fixes To Strengthen Office Productivity

    Here are some simple fixes to optimize an office layout and enable workers to maximize their potential productivity. The post…

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  • Sit-Stand Desks That Will Change Your Work Life in the UAE

    Learn about sit-stand desks, how they support your health while you work. The post Sit-Stand Desks That Will Change Your…

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  • 5 Great Desk Light Options For The Modern Office

    Why is a desk light important? Here are 5 desk lights that will help you light up the tasks at…

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  • Millennial-Led Office Design Trends Of Tomorrow

    Take a look at the top office design trends changing how we work today. The post Millennial-Led Office Design Trends…

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  • Gresham Innovation Labs by Interaction, Bristol – UK-media-1

    Gresham Innovation Labs by Interaction, Bristol – UK-media-1

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  • ÄKTA Offices – Chicago

    Horn Design has created the new offices of digital experience and engagement consultancy ÄKTA located in Chicago, Illinois. As you…

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  • Hello Fresh Offices – London

    ThirdWay Interiors has designed the new offices of Hello Fresh located in Shoreditch, London. Only a short while ago, Patrick…

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  • Office All Stars: Mid Century Boardroom Seating

    The mid century modern look is in! This year brands like Offices To Go, Modway, and Woodstock Marketing are kicking…

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  • Fondation des Terrains Industriels headquarters by Studio Banana, Geneva – Switzerland

    The new layout proposes a re-organization of competence teams in clusters, where each has a dedicated space with specific tools,…

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  • AFME Offices by Fabric Interiors + Architecture, London – UK

    The Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) were moving locations and with that came the challenge of change from…

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  • UniSuper Offices – Sydney

    PTID has designed the new offices of retirement fund UniSuper located in Sydney, Australia. The new workspace for UniSuper challenges the…

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  • Challenger Offices – Sydney

    Woods Bagot has developed the new offices of investment management firm Challenger located in Sydney, Australia. Built in 1916, the…

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  • Fall Showcase 2016: Desk Collections Trending This Season

    Fall is in full swing! This season, brands like Mayline, Offices To Go, and Cherryman Industries are making their make…

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  • Client Case Study: How to Design Your Office for The Millennial Work Force

    “What we do today might not be what we do tomorrow, so our employees have to move with what’s going…

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