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Workplace Ergonomics: Thrive On Comfort

Workplace Ergonomics: Thrive On Comfort

Thrive On Comfort In The WorkplaceIt’s as simple as this; If you’re not comfortable, you can’t operate at your best. That being said, those who thrive on comfort find productivity levels at an all time high. Wondering how you can thrive on comfort too? We’ve got you covered! Today on the Office Furniture Deals Blog we’ll teach you how to better understand your office chair while highlighting the posture tips you’ll need to sit for success. Enjoy!

Even the most expensive and luxurious office chair is only as good as it’s owner. If you don’t take the time to master your chair and it’s features, it’s little more than a fancy looking paperweight. To thrive on comfort, you’ve got to be sitting in the right chair for your body and using it properly.

When selecting your chair, consider your current areas of discomfort. Work with a seating specialist to determine which chair styles will be right for you. Shopping for a new chair can be overwhelming. The selection process can feel endless. To narrow down your search, research product reviews online and watch demo videos on YouTube. Ask the pros for suggestions and visit a showroom to test out a few best selling models.

Selecting the right office chair is only half the battle. Once you’ve got your chair assembled, go through the owner’s manual in detail. Take the time to test out every lever, tension knob, and feature. Once you’ve tested them, commit them to memory.

To achieve a well rounded and reliable sitting experience, you can’t take a set it and forget it approach. Those who thrive on comfort are willing to adjust and adapt at a moments notice. Be ready to change your chair settings regularly throughout the day to meet the needs of any specific task.

If you feel fatigue and muscles stiffness setting in, stand up! Do everything in your power to avoid sitting for more than an hour at a time. Taking short 5 minute stretch breaks will go long way in your quest for comfort.

Sometimes, extended sits are unavoidable. When deadlines are tight, you might not be able to take a short break to stretch out those muscles. Utilizing good posture tips will help you make it through those busy days effectively.

When sitting in your chair, be sure to keep your feet flat on the ground and facing forward. Those who thrive on comfort know, the base of the office chair isn’t a foot rest. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you keep your back in contact with your ergonomic chair at all times. Each time you lean away for tasks at your desk, you’re missing out on key support. Use your chair to it’s full potential. Adjust the tilt angle regularly to ensure you’re able to maintain constant contact with your chair back.

If you have trouble remembering posture tips and sitting advice, post a list of reminders within eye sight of your computer screen. Studies have shown that this simple practice keeps important tips fresh in the mind and yields big time results.

Last but certainly not least, synchronize your desk chair and workstation properly. Raise your computer screens to eye level to avoid looking down while typing. This simple synchronization tip will prevent visual strain and neck pain throughout the day. If your computer screens can’t be raised, consider the addition of an ergonomic monitor mount. They’re affordable and really handy! Further improve your space by integrating key accessories like a CPU holder to provide you with more knee space. A retractable keyboard tray will help you compute at correct angles while simultaneously creating usable desk space.

The quest for a comfortable work day is ongoing. Don’t get complacent. Always look for new ways to improve your posture, sit, and office productivity. Those who thrive on comfort know, there’s always room for improvement!
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