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Wipro Digital Offices – London

Wipro Digital Offices – London

M Moser Associates has designed the new offices of Wipro Digital located in London.

Wipro Digital’s new office in London’s high-tech ‘Silicon Roundabout’ was designed to give them an edge in everything, from attracting top talent to enabling collaboration.

Previously located in a shared office with their parent company in Paddington, Wipro Digital’s move to a dedicated space was an opportunity to create an environment optimised for collaboration. Their new 6,000 sq-ft, third-floor office was also designed as a tool for attracting and retaining talent in the intensively competitive ‘Silicon Roundabout’ area of London.

As well as being visually striking, the space is functional and practical. Its exterior walls, for example, feature prominent arched bay windows and writeable surfaces that make them natural locations for breakout sessions and brainstorming. At the rear of the office is a mix of formal and informal meeting spaces. The meeting rooms feature sliding walls which allow them to be instantly transformed into larger boardrooms. Even the soft furniture is lightweight and moveable, ensuring maximum ease of rearrangement and spatial flexibility.

The office’s open-plan work area is equally adaptive, providing a simple, capable and communicative work setting for teams of designers, strategists, software developers and user experience specialists. Key elements of the main work area including custom-designed desks, bike racks and lockers.

Design was just one of many integrated elements comprising the project for the M Moser team. The team also used their engineering and sustainability expertise to improve the office’s air conditioning. It was during the process of investigating the system that the design team realised its aesthetic appeal and decided to remove the ceiling, giving the office an exposed ‘industrial’ feel. The M Moser team was also responsible for the construction phase of the project – a true ‘end-to-end’ approach that streamlined everything from client-team communication to quality, time and cost control.

Delivered on time, this office space is everything a modern workplace needs to be for a transformative digital tech company; empowering, functional and practical.

Design: M Moser Associates
Photography: Alex Kendrick

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