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The Top 5 Office Add-Ons of 2016

The Top 5 Office Add-Ons of 2016

So you’ve created an awesome workspace, but you’re still in search of ways to boost appeal and functionality? No need to worry, you’re in the right place! Today on the blog we’ll highlight the top 5 office add-ons of 2016. These user friendly products make it easy to kick office versatility into overdrive. Enjoy!

1.) Smart Chair

The Top 5 Office Add-Ons of 2016 by

First things first, you’ll want to upgrade your office space with the addition of a smart chair! What’s a smart chair? A high tech seating solution that minimizes the need for constant adjusting. Smart chairs like the Arti from Global Total Office articulate like the human spine to provide top notch support during those long days at the office. Don’t waste time pulling tension levers, twisting tension knobs, and searching for the perfect sit. Let a smart chair like the Arti do it for you! Other popular smart chairs include the Living Chair from Mayline and the Verte from RFM Preferred Seating.

2.) Sit To Stand Workstation

Sit To Stand Workstation at

This year, sit to stand ergonomic office stations have been incredibly popular. In the never ending quest to become more efficient and versatile, users are turning to sit to stand desks more often than ever. Did you know that sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span? It’s true! With a sit to stand station you’ll be able to fight back by promoting continuous movement in the workplace, improving blood flow, and reducing fatigue. Popular sit to stand solutions from Mayline, Symmetry Office, and ESI Ergonomic Solutions are must consider add-ons in 2016.

3.) Dual Monitor System

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Still operating with a single computer screen? It’s time for an upgrade! Kick that factory monitor base that came with your computer to the curb. Purchase a dual screen setup to improve the rate at which you compute, increase usable desk space, and reduce visual strain. The benefits of an ergonomic monitor arm cannot be overlooked. The years best selling computer screen mounting systems are available for around three hundred bucks. Make the investment into the ergonomic functionality of your space. You’ll be glad you did.

4.) CPU Holder

Ergonomic CPU Holders at

The days of banging your knees into the CPU have got to end. Regardless of the amount of space available underneath your desk, a CPU holder will be a super handy addition to your workspace. User friendly CPU systems mount on retractable glides that allow them to be slid out of the way when not in use. Getting your CPU off the ground will make your digital files more secure, reduce heating issues, and protect your computer’s power source from flood related water damage. You’ll also be able to effectively route wires and plug in wires without strenuous trips underneath your desk surface! To make a long story short, must have office items like a CPU holder will greatly improve the way you work.

5.) Power Modules

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Go high tech with office power modules in 2016! These days, powered conference room tables have become the industry standard. A power table will help streamline your meetings and collaboration sessions in an instant. Additionally, powered lounge seating will impress your guests while simultaneously improving the overall visiting experience provided by your business. Last but not least, surface level power models can be integrated into your personal workstation to prevent the need for hunting down available USB and AC inputs underneath your desk. Brands like OFM, Mayline, and Global Total Office are paving the way with ultra cool powered office add-ons you need to experience to fully appreciate!
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