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TaorayWang Offices – Shanghai

TaorayWang Offices – Shanghai
April 21, 2016 SAGTCO

A3 Vision has designed the new offices of fashion brand TaorayWang located in Shanghai, China.

Have been invited by TaorayWang, a clothing brand created by China’s well-known designer Wang Tao, A3 Vision brought the Shanghai office design to an end.

The language of the design and material is delicate and full of inside, which can infect and ignite our inner passion. It doesn’t purposely pursue visual needs and satisfy your material desire. You can feel quiet and joy of your life and job here, and return to nature on the premise that there is a combination with nature.

The space, which is studded with the gate made of treated old oak, blackening iron board with natural texture on the walls, concrete floor, office tables made of recycled teakwood, white walls and ceilings, metal lamps with industrial flavor, and parted steel vertical elements, looks elegant, refreshing and orderly.

The overlong office table gives you the space to imagine. You can see the scenery outside wherever you are, which will make your work relaxing. Natural materials such as black iron plate, old wooden floor, self-leveling cement and so on, are simply disposed, keeping their texture and temperature. They change with time. Design is a process to give materials forms.

Design: A3 Vision
Design Team: Wang zhifeng, Fan jin, Nan hongtian
Photography: Sun Hongyu


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