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Set Your Executive Office Up For Success With These 11 Components

Set Your Executive Office Up For Success With These 11 Components
How To Create An Awesome Executive Office Interior by

Creating a professional executive workspace can be a fun and rewarding experience. By integrating and utilizing the right combination products, you’ll be on your way to improved performance and functionality. Today on the Office Furniture Deals Blog we’ll teach you how to do just that! Here we’ll highlight the 11 pieces needed to set your interior up for success. Enjoy!

1.) Office Desk

First things first, you need a main operating platform! The desk you choose will act as the main focal point of your office space. We recommend selecting a new office desk from a full service collection that offers the wide range of components needed to outfit your entire workspace.

Popular Desk Collections:

  • Medina by Mayline
  • Superior Laminate by Offices To Go
  • Verde by Cherryman Industries
  • Zira by Global Total Office
  • Venice by OFM

2.) Credenza

Adding a credenza will provide you with additional work surface space while simultaneously enhancing your executive vibe. Any popular office furniture collection will offer credenzas to match desks and other components from the line.

3.) Bridge

Add a bridge or return to connect your front operating desk and rear wall credenza. The integration of a bridge will turn your desk and credenza into a versatile U shaped workstation with plenty of operational space to function effectively throughout those busy days at the office. In many cases, you’ll be able to find a U shaped desk set that includes a desk, credenza, and bridge from any reputable brand to take the guess work out of the shopping and design process.

4.) Hutch

Improve storage without sacrificing valuable floor space with the addition of an overhead hutch unit. Hutch units provide lots of valuable organizing potential that will come in handy in executive interiors. Your hutch will rest on top of your credenza with supports, or be mounted directly to your office wall.

5.) Pedestal

At hand storage is invaluable! That being said, desk pedestals are a must for any professional executive office remodeling project. The ability to keep your regularly accessed documents right near your operating surface will help you save time throughout the work day, thus increasing productivity levels.

6.) Wall Cabinet

Further improve organizing potential while enhancing executive office appeal with the addition of a matching wall cabinet. Your executive wall cabinet can be used to house important stationary and double as a platform to showcase awards and achievements. The executive cabinet should be placed on the opposite wall of your U shaped desk. While not an absolute must have item, wall cabinets make a nice addition to any executive space.

7.) Presentation Board

Another handy addition that will be a valuable tool during group strategy sessions. Your executive interior will no doubt be used to host small meetings. When brain storming with your colleagues, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently take down notes on your white board cabinet. The best part, this component takes up no floor space!

8.) Office Chair

Office comfort starts with the chair! The addition of a good ergonomic executive chair will help you maintain proper posture throughout the day. As selecting an office chair can be tough, we’ve provided a list of our favorite brands to help.

Top Executive Chair Manufacturers:

  • Global Total Office
  • Eurotech Seating
  • RFM Preferred Seating
  • Offices To Go
  • Mayline
  • Woodstock Marketing

9.) Dual Monitor Arm

Kick daily productivity levels into high gear with a dual screen monitor arm! This handy ergo tool will improve the rate at which you compute while reducing visual strain and increasing usable desk space. An adjustable mount for 2 computer screens can be mounted in just minutes via a work surface clamp, or through a desk surface grommet hole. Brands like Symmetry Office and ESI Ergonomic Solutions manufacture the best monitor arms in the business.

10.) Sit To Stand Keyboard Tray

These days, workers are doing everything they can to avoid extended sits that can have major health risks. To fight back against this office epidemic, we recommend the addition of a sit to stand articulating keyboard tray. You’ll be increasing desk space, computing at correct angles, and improving office versatility in a flash!

11.) CPU Holder

Looking for ways to take your office interior to the next level without breaking the bank? Add an ergonomic CPU mount. If you’ve ever tried to slide up to your desk to work and banged your legs on the CPU, you’ll love this product. CPU holders get your computers power source up off the ground and mounted directly underneath your desk surface on retractable glides that allow it to be slid out of the way when not in use, and then slid into position for easy access when needed.
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