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Sainsbury’s Headquarters – London

Sainsbury’s Headquarters – London

Pope Wainwright & Wykes have designed the new headquarters offices of UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s in London.

With a combination of strategic design and an innovative revive of the brand’s heritage, PWW have transformed Sainsbury’s office workspaces from the regimented and formal spaces they were before. This includes their food centre featuring taste kitchens, supplier-meeting rooms and modernised innovation space for the development of packaging and technology to improve the Sainsbury’s shopper experience.

The Sainsbury’s recognised colour palettes are used across bold graphics and signage to act as navigational points across multiple floors. The central ‘terminus’ is identified as the heart of each floor through the high concentration of brand palette and a cumulative pixelated effect on the carpet design. This strategic carpet design progresses through to the workspace areas where the pixellation bleeds out to create a more neutral canvas. This is supported by a more vibrant use of alternate colour combinations through furniture, signage and communication to reflect the diversity of Sainsbury’s colleagues.

In addition, Sainsbury’s heritage is displayed through historical quotes and photography from Drury Lane to communicate the brand’s journey and diversity of the past and present colleagues.

DesignPope Wainwright & Wykes
Photography: French+Tye


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