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OFS Brands Showroom – Los Angeles

OFS Brands Showroom – Los Angeles

pL-D Studio and Klawiter and Associates has collaborated to design the new showroom of OFS Brands located in Los Angeles.

Located in the PacMutual building in Downtown Los Angeles, the newest OFS Brands showroom speaks to both the history of the built environment as well as the culture and heritage of the brand. A collaboration with Pam Light; pL-D Studio and Klawiter and Associates allowed this truly refined aesthetic to be achieved through preservation of existing architectural elements and thoughtful selection of interior finishes.

As the designer of many OFS collections, past and present, Pam Light assisted with the showroom’s design to produce the optimum backdrop for the product. Nicole Durcholz, OFS Brands internal interior designer, led the effort to maintain and incorporate the brand. And Melaney Crees, interior designer from Klawiter and Associates, integrated the pieces into a clear and concise set of drawings that the contractor could build in this challenging and charming Beaux Art building from 1908.

Some of the design challenges included one existing exit where two were required, and working through a solution with LABDS. When it was discovered that the existing concrete was of inferior quality and would not perform in a commercial environment, an experienced contractor knew how to turn a negative into a positive. And once the brick and windows were exposed on the exterior wall, the deteriorated condition of the frames could be seen. Nicole used this opportunity to showcase the craftsmanship of OFS in new natural walnut frames juxtaposed against the raw brick, creating a show stopping composition.

Design: pL-D Studio and Klawiter and Associates
Photography: MOD Agency


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