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Height Adjustable Desks

[Work While Elevating Your Health]

Height Adjustable Desks



Pangea height adjustable desk is made to look after your health while you work. Working on your feet for a few hours during the working day not only has a positive impact on health and well-being, but it also improves your ability to concentrate and boosts productivity



Pangea height adjustable desk is the best solution for workspaces that certainly brings success. Our adjustable table system is designed to guarantee productivity for multiple cultures and work styles. The height of each desk can be adjusted with the touch of a button. Pangea height adjustable desk promotes individual welfare and development.



Pangea height adjustable desk creates stimulating office environments promoting creativity and collaboration while bringing productivity and happiness to the users. Pangea height adjustable desk is versatile, flexible, and agile.

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You can create great meeting without the contsant of sitting down thw whole time.






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Height adjustable sit and stand desks for you to focus on your work while elevating your health

Work to your full productivity & potential – Enjoy working and stay happy.

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SAGTCO provides height adjustable sit and stand desks suited for a variety of uses and working environment. Our height-adjustable desk solutions include for individual, dual and for coloborative working environment.

The Sedentary Dilemma

With the rise of the wellness movement, people are becoming more aware of the negative consequences of leading a sedentary lifestyle. Too many sedentary hours can lead to what’s known as “sitting disease,” a collection of related metabolic and cardiovascular symptoms associated with sedentary habits. Recognizing these dangers, many people want to be more active throughout the day. However, lifestyle factors such as one’s job and hobbies can make that difficult. Most office job require sitting at a desk for 8+ hours per day and hobbies such as gaming are highly sedentary.

The Sit-Stand Revolution

LoctekMotion is revolutionizing traditionally stationary desks with our intelligent linear motion system. Using intelligent actuators, we’re able to add stable, smooth, efficient, and silent height-adjustment function to standing desks. Our automated height-adjustable desks can be used for any use case, such as office workstations, gaming setups, and studio desks.

Height-adjustable desks increase comfort by allowing users to customize height settings. They improve health by preventing sitting disease, and also enhance productivity and creativity. Many companies are already making the switch to height-adjustable desks for their employees, based on research that standing desks increase metrics like productivity, morale, and employee satisfaction.

Plenty of choice for designs and sizes
Whether you want portable stand up desks or L-shaped standing desks, there are plenty of excellent choices for stand up desks and it’s no longer limited to the same few designs. Portable designs are best for tables that are already in the office since they do not require an entire replacement. However, if you’re still constructing your office from scratch, then there are a wide variety of full-sized adjustable stand up desks to choose from.

A different working experience

Sitting is killing you and keeping you stationary. By switching to a standing desk, you could burn hundreds of extra calories each day by simply standing while you work. It’s a surprisingly good way to help your employees be more mobile and keep them fit, which ultimately helps to keep their mind healthy as well. In fact, studies have shown that people experience up to a 32% improvement in lower back pain after several weeks of using a standing desk.