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Office Design: Tips For A Timely Makeover

Office Design: Tips For A Timely Makeover
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Taking on an office makeover project? You’ll likely be faced with a tight deadline. That being said, there’s no need to worry! The blog has you covered. Today, we’ll highlight the tips needed to takle your makeover in an organized and timely manner. From planning in advance to installation prep, the advice here is a must read.

1.) Plan In Advance

First things first, you’ll need a plan! Assemble an office makeover team and work together to online your project from start to finish. Create a list of goals directly associated with estimated competition times. A little prep and planning will go a long way towards ensuring your project runs smoothly. Don’t guess your way through the process, this always leads to major headaches that are completely avoidable.

2.) Obtain Accurate Dimensions

Rest assured, there’s nothing worse than ordering all new custom office furniture only to find out that it doesn’t fit properly when it arrives. Ouch! To avoid this all too common problem, obtain accurate dimensions of your space. When measuring out your interior, take note of all entry ways, power outlets, and windows that will affect the way your furniture fits. Once you’ve got your dimensions, double check them. Then, have a member of your makeover team check them again. To make a long story short, you can’t take too much time on this step. Obtaining the correct dimensions of your interior may take a little time up front, but it will save you loads of time over the duration of your project.

3.) Get Inspired

Rushing doesn’t save you time. It creates frustration! You’ll no doubt be excited to shop for new furniture, but hold your horses. Invest about an hour into getting inspired for your project. Do a little research on the latest office makeover trends and hottest collections on the market. Brand research also goes a long way towards ensuring you select well made products that are built to last. To get inspired, visit a local showroom. If there’s not a furniture showroom in your area, visit popular social sharing site like Pinterest and Instagram. You’ll be met with a well spring of ideas that can be applied to your interiors.

4.) Shop Smart

New furniture can be pretty expensive and the selection process can be overwhelming. Thats why it’s important to shop smart! When browsing the web for new furniture, well recommend saving time and money by using a comparison shopping engine. Google Shopping is our favorite. Most of today’s most reputable office furniture providers list products here. Google Shopping will allow you to quickly sort thousands of chairs, tables, and popular office desk layouts by brand and price. Before making your purchase, contact your dealer of choice by phone. You can inquire about any current specials to help maximize your budget while getting a great idea about their level of service. Sure it will take a little bit of extra time, but it’s worth it. If they provide minimal assistance by phone, it’s best to find a new source for your furniture. This could lead to lots of wasted time that causes you to miss your makeover deadline. On a side note, you should always look up reviews online to ensure you’re purchasing your new furniture from a reliable source.

5.) Expedite Shipping

You’ll definitely want to know estimated furniture shipping times before making your purchase. Made to order office seating and workstations take approximately 4 to 5 weeks to manufacture. In stock products typically ship from the factory within just 2 days of order. Depending on your makeover deadline, these time frames can make the difference between having time to spare and extending your project well passed its allotted time frame.

Once you’ve made your purchase, continue to be proactive. Contact your dealer 1 day after order by email or phone to inquire about an estimated ship time. Be sure to ask for tracking information when available. Knowing when your furniture is scheduled to arrive is just plain smart. Don’t get caught with new furniture sitting on your door step and nowhere to put it!

6.) Prep For Installation

For larger office makeover projects, you’ll likely want to enlist the help of trained professionals. That being said, individual desks and workstations are pretty simple to install with a few helpers and a little prep work. Start by removing any old furniture from your space. Patch any unsightly wall marks and apply a fresh coat of paint if desired. Creating a blank canvas will definitely save you time!

Before your furniture arrives, create a staging area. You don’t want to take a full load of furniture boxes into your space. This makes for a cluttered and disorganized assembly process.

Once you’ve created a staging area, you’ll be able to bring in boxes one at a time for assembly. We recommend having 2 helpers on hand to help with the heavy lifting.

With your new furniture installed, you’ll be ready to relax. Unfortunately, there’s one more step… The clean up! Office products typically ship very well packaged to prevent transit damage. This means, lot’s of bubble wrap and cardboard to dispose of. Plan in advance and make sure your office dumpster is clean.
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