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Office Design Advice: Prioritize Your Remodeling Goals

Office Design Advice: Prioritize Your Remodeling Goals
Office Remodeling Goals from

To keep your office remodeling project on track and running smoothly, you’ll need to prioritize your makeover goals. From emphasizing ergonomics to improving corporate appeal, a list of attainable goals will have you on the path to design success. Today on the blog, we’ll highlight 5 of the most important goals your business should strive to accomplish during your next project. Enjoy!

1.) Emphasize Ergonomics

Office ergonomics and workplace comfort go hand in hand. By emphasizing ergonomics during your remodeling project, you’ll ensure your space is up to date and ready to operate at peak performance levels. To make ergonomics a top priority, you’ll need to research the most user friendly products and their benefits.

Ergonomic ProductsTop Ergonomic Products

  • Monitor Arms – Increase usable desk space, reduce visual strain, and improve the rate at which users compute.
  • Keyboard Trays – Increase usable desk space while helping users compute at correct and healthy angles.
  • Sit To Stand Workstations – Promote continuous movement in the workplace while helping workers improve focus and blood flow.
  • CPU Holder – Easier access to your computers main power source for device charging and wire routing while simultaneously creating more usable leg space.

2.) Improve Collaboration

Open Concept DeskingIt’s all about collaboration in 2016. Cubicles for example were once considered the industry standard for work floor remodeling. These days, they’re becoming a thing of the past. Businesses are striving to improve collaboration by turning to open concept desk configurations that promote team interaction. Encouraging your colleagues to collaboration will boost morale, productivity, and much more.

3.) Interior Functionality

Nesting Chairs - Roma by Global

Work hard to ensure you space is ready to adapt at a moments notice. In the training room, consider using mobile flip top tables with mobilized bases that can be moved and reconfigured in a flash. In your conference room, make the switch to nesting chairs that can be housed along perimeter walls when not in use. To further improve office functionality and efficiency, integrate smart storage products like wall mount hutch units that don’t waste valuable floor space.

4.) Long Term Versatility

You’ll no doubt want your office interiors to be versatile. If you’re tackling a conference room remodeling project, go with a powered table to streamline important meetings. When selecting office chairs for your project, go with ergonomic models with user friendly adjustment features. To design a versatile office interior, you’ll need to focus on blend of quality, comfort, and modular products that can be used to service a variety of purposes.

Versatile Office Products:

  • Mayline Sync Series Tables
  • Global Total Office Zira Furniture
  • ESI Ergorise Stations
  • OFM Morph Seating
  • Eurotech Eduskate Chair

5.) Corporate Appeal

White Leather Office Chair - Hendrix by Woodstock MarketingA stylish office makeover will earn your interior the compliments it deserves from valued visitors. To impress your guests, you’ll need to research the latest furniture trends. This year, going gray has never been cooler. Brands like Mayline and Global Total Office have made their mark with gray wood grain laminate finish option that are skyrocketing corporate appeal. The Global Total Office Zira desk configurations and conference room tables available in 2016 are an absolute must consider.

In addition to gray furnishings, you can’t go wrong with a white office chair. White seating offers a look of sophistication and class that will make your project feel luxurious. Popular white leather office chair models like the Hendrix from Woodstock Marketing are perfect for professional executive office and boardroom seating needs.

Last but certainly not least, tablet arm chairs will also help improve corporate appeal. Your guests will absolutely love the ability to work while they wait while sitting in the tablet arm reception chairs featured in your lobby. The Global Total Office Sirena tablet chair, Mayline Santa Cruz tablet chair, and OFM Triumph tablet chair are all great options for shoppers looking to incorporate this trend into their interiors.
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