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Office Design 101: Finding Your Finish

Office Design 101: Finding Your Finish

The finish you select will say a lot about your interior. With classic tones like cherry and mahogany you’ll be able to craft traditionally inspired work environments, while trend setting new finishes are used to build cutting edge modern spaces. Today on the we’ll provide a helpful guide as to what finishes are currently popular, and how to select the one that’s best for your personal decor needs. Enjoy!

Traditional: Cherry and Mahogany

Traditional Office Furniture at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comAs previously mentioned cherry and mahogany are the go to options for traditional furniture shoppers. These classic tones are often used by manufacturers specializing in the provision of wood veneer collections. In addition, maple has also become a popular choice for traditional interiors.

If you love the classic look of cherry and mahogany wood, we recommend the Cherryman Industries Emerald office furniture collection. This traditional line of executive desks, conference tables, and professional storage solutions is an excellent option for both home and business use. The desks from the Cherryman Industries Emerald collection offer unrivaled luxuriousness!

Modern: Gray (Textured Driftwood and Gray Steel)

Gray Office Furniture at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comUnique modern finish options like gray have become incredibly popular in 2016. Tones like Gray Steel and Textured Driftwood available from the Mayline Medina and Sterling collections are making it easy for shoppers to create cutting edge office interiors and think outside the box.

Take one look at the gray reception desks from the Mayline Medina and Sterling collections and you’ll see why this modern woodgrain tone has built momentum at a record pace. This year, industry professionals and interior design teams are having difficulty keeping up with the demand for both furniture and seating in gray tones.

Retro: Walnut

Retro Bistro Tables with Walnut Finish at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comNatural tones like walnut are the preferred option for retro office makeover projects. This vintage tone pairs perfectly with metal to create unbelievably stylish interiors. Rest assured, the retro look is in! In 2016, brands like OFM are paving the way with retro infused workplace solutions that incorporate modern technology.

Retro inspired OFM furnishings like the tables from the Endure collection feature heavy duty metal frames that work well with walnut finished wood tops and stool seats. These awesome tables even feature power ready work surfaces that allow shoppers to enjoy retro characteristics without sacrificing productivity.

Contemporary: White (Textured Sea Salt)

White Office Furniture at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comWe can’t say enough about white in the workplace! From white leather office seating to white accented desk configurations, this contemporary tone is hard to beat. Nearly every reputable furniture manufacturer is working hard to push the ultra clean look of white into superstardom.

Those looking to jump on board with this contemporary movement, will love the Textured Sea Salt desks from the Mayline Medina collection, as well as the white accented workstations from the Cherryman Industries Verde collection. With white, blending chairs of your choosing is a breeze. Nearly any model you choose while help your space pop. We recommend bright green and teal upholsteries to keep your interior up to date with the latest trends.
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