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Office Chair Reviews: Eurotech Manchester Seating

Office Chair Reviews: Eurotech Manchester Seating
Eurotech Office Chair Review

Eurotech Seating specializes in the provision of high quality offie chairs for every application! Today on the blog, we couldn’t be more excited to showcase and review the popular chairs from their Manchester collection. This top notch executive chair line offers the cutting edge appeal and upscale features needed to rock your interiors. Prepare to be impressed!

Eurotech Manchester High Back ChairStyle:

Manchester office chairs from Eurotech provide an upscale executive look that works great in high end interiors. Even at first glance, a Eurotech Manchester chair will wow you with it’s overstuffed ribbed back design. The black nylon loop arms and base help contribute to the well rounded look without being too over the top. The Manchester makes a lasting impression with it’s unique and distinctive characteristics.

Manchester Chair - Side ViewApplications:

As previously mentioned, the Manchester is best suited for executive office use. That being said, it’s loop arms and well padded surfaces make it a great option for professional conference and boardroom seating needs. The Manchester chair with black leather upholstery looks great in modern interiors, while the brown variation is more suited for traditional environments. These chairs from Eurotech aren’t ideal for tasking as they lack adjustable arms. However, they are still very versatile and comfortable. We wouldn’t hesitate to use a Manchester office chair for home computing.

Manchester Chair with Brown UpholsteryErgonomics:

If you’re on the hunt for an ultra adjustable ergonomic swivel chair, the Manchester probably won’t be your first choice. That being said, it’s very easy to use effectively. With it’s thick padded seat and back, the Manchester provides an excellent sitting experience without the need for a single adjustment. Those in search of personalized operating will love the multi functional tilt mechanism that controls both angle and tension. The waterfall seat edge that’s standard on both the high and mid back Manchester office chair models helps take pressure off the user’s knees while working to improve blood flow.


The LE255 model Manchester chair is priced the most affordably at $263.50. The more executive office friendly LE150 model high back Manchester chair from Eurotech is only a bit more expensive at $283.50. The only noticeable difference between the two models is the overall height. Taller chair operators will certainly want to invest the extra twenty bucks to purchase the high back model from this popular collection.


Eurotech Manchester Chair RatingWe gave the Manchester seating collection a 3 out of 5 star rating. This chair line from Eurotech is well rounded, comfortable, and surprisingly affordable. Manchester chairs are great for larger operators, but lack a few of the key adjustments we’d like to function effectively through longer sitting sessions. All in all, you can’t beat the value provided by this Eurotech seating solution.  If you’re remodeling your executive office or boardroom, give the Manchester a series look!
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