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Naether – Leipzig Offices

Naether – Leipzig Offices
October 22, 2015 SAGTCO

design2sense has created the new offices of real estate consulting firm Naether located in Leipzig, Germany.

The Leipzig real estate agency Naether has been consulting buyers and sellers of real estate for 20 years. Upmarket properties are their specialty.

Parkside No.5 – their new building – is located near Leipzig’s Clara-Zetkin-Park. It houses freehold apartments with a view of the park, and on the ground floor the agency’s new office.

The office called for a design giving visitors a good idea of the quality of the properties Naether offers.

The low-profile interior scheme creates the perfect framework for pieces of art around the office. In the entrance area, guests are welcomed by leather-covered doors, indirect lighting, and wood veneer. With our help the client chose the appropriate veneer pattern from a specialized retailer. With the exception of the solid conference table, the veneer recurs in every room – on the walls, for individual doors, and in the form of wooden lamellae, which make for optical borders and create an acoustically gentle mood.

Design: design2sense
Photography: Peter Eichler


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