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LifeLock Offices – Tempe

LifeLock Offices – Tempe

RSP Architects has developed the new offices of LifeLock located in Tempe, Arizona.

LifeLock is a leading provider of consumer identity theft protection services and enterprise fraud/risk management solutions. With a recent IPO and a new president, LifeLock reviewed its dispersed real estate and decided a shift was necessary. The goal was to create spaces that encourage collaboration, foster innovation, and reinforce the company’s core values. The RSP team completed test-fits and evaluated numerous sites, eventually determining their existing location at Hayden Ferry in Tempe, Arizona was the best place to expand. Here, LifeLock staff could have the environment they desired within four floors (up from the original two they occupied). With this renovation also came a change in workplace strategy. LifeLock went from an individual office environment to a team center – even the CEO works in an open workstation.

The first floor incorporates the call center into the corporate culture by including collaborative work spaces, a coffee bar, a game room, expansive views of the lake and outdoor seating. Also important to the culture was a desire to have a large space to accomodate all employees. A first floor ‘Town Hall’ meeting room with video capabilities to broadcast companywide meetings became a highlight. The 3rd and 4th floors were renovations of Lifelock’s existing corporate office to make all floors cohesive, and the 5th floor was a new tenant improvement for additional office space and an executive boardroom.

One key performance metric was overall employee satisfaction with the new space. To meet this goal with the extreme cultural shift to an all open office, the design team held regular workshops/vision sessions and meetings where all stakeholders were invited to participate from project inception. Since the goal of the redesign was to create spaces that encourage collaboration, foster innovation, and communicate the company’s core values through the built environment, we portrayed their brand in unique, adaptable and fun ways by integrating locks, binary code, and identity theft artifacts into design elements.

The design took advantage of the open floor plan by creating a team oriented atmosphere using polished concrete floors, exposed recycled barn wood and bright/vibrant colors. Large environmental graphics were integrated with the interiors to create a cohesive look, while reinforcing the cultural message. The end result is an office environment you might find in Silicon Valley – yet perfectly at home in Arizona. It’s a place with increased focus on the employee experience to promote happy, productive and loyal employees.

Design: RSP Architects
Photography: Mark Lipczynski


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