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Life Below The Desk: Maximizing Floor Space

Life Below The Desk: Maximizing Floor Space

Ergonomic Office SpaceThe area underneath your desk is very important. This often overlooked area can be used to promote comfort and quality organizing. Today on the blog, we’ll teach you how to do just that. From general cleaning to adding useful ergonomic accessories, the advice provided here is a must read.

First things first, you can’t maximize the area underneath your desk while it’s messy. Start by doing a general clean up. There’s likely a sea of crumbs, post it notes, tape, and wrappers that have made their way underneath your work surface. Take the time to run a vacuum. This isn’t a one time thing! Make it a habit to properly clean your office floor and the area underneath your office desk at least once a week.

Ergonomic CPU HolderYou’ll not doubt want to maximize knee space. If you’re tired of banging into the CPU every time you slide your chair in and out, consider the addition of a retractable mount that will get your computer power source up and off the ground. Mounting a CPU holder underneath your desk will allow you to side it out of the way when needed. Knee space is always at a premium. Maximize every inch you can!

Desk Wire ManagementThe odds are, the wires underneath your desk are not properly routed. It likely looks like a sea of black snakes slithering down the back side of your office wall. While a bit dramatic, it’s still a problem that can be easily solved with proper routing. If you don’t have routing clips, they can be picked up at any local hardware store. While you’re there, grab a few small zip ties. When you arrive back at your office, untangle any messy wires. Properly route them in groups to their correct locations and out of the way. Keep wires together and properly ran throughout the routing clips. Loosely applied zip ties will come in handy for large groups of wires. Wire management makes life in the office significantly easier and far more professional.

Office storage space is always in high demand. If you’ve got extra space underneath your desk or credenza, consider adding a couple of space saving file pedestals to further maximize your interior. Mobile pedestals are the way to go. They can be quickly rolled into place when needed, and situated back underneath your work surfaces when not. Desk pedestals are amongst the best way to improve storage and organizing potential without wasting valuable floor space.

Ergonomic Foot RestWhile we mentioned adding a retractable CPU holder, their are still plenty of other ergonomic accessories you can integrate to improve the area underneath your desk. Start with a sit to stand keyboard tray from a brand like Symmetry Office or ESI Ergonomic Solutions. These handy computing tools promote continuous movement in the workplace and improve blood flow. As sitting for extended periods of time can be damaging to your healthy, the addition of a sit to stand keyboard tray should be highly considered.

In the long run, the space underneath you’re desk can be very beneficial and useful. Think outside the box and come up with innovative ways to maximize every square inch of your office. The opportunity to become more functional and productive is too good to pass up!
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