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KittoKatsu Offices – Düsseldorf

KittoKatsu Offices – Düsseldorf

KittoKatsu has recently designed a new office space for their small strategy & design studio located in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The company name derives from a Japanese saying meaning „You will surely win“. The goal of the office interior design was to capture this positive spirit and to allude to the Japanese heritage of the name.

Light oak and ash woods were chosen as the main materials for floor and furniture to create a warm an welcoming atmosphere for both employees and clients. The open-plan layout allows for the natural light of the big semicircular street side window to travel uninterruptedly through the entire length of the space, illuminating the wooden surfaces and creating a warmth and fluidity throughout the space. We wanted everyone to feel relaxed, when entering the office, making it easier to connect with our clients and promoting the flow of thought and creative energy.

Inspired by modern Japanese minimalism, we combined natural color palettes with clean geometric lines and minimal detail. Custom made furniture like the slatted room dividers, which are inspired by classical Japanese shoji screens, or the side board with its slatted sliding doors are contrasted with modern, geometrical furniture from Scandinavia, giving the space a modern yet distinct look. The new New Order office furniture from Danish Hay proved to be ideal in creating flexible working spaces with a contemporary and fresh feel to it.

Drawing inspiration from the KittoKatsu brand color, we added just a few bright red highlights contrasting the serene color palette, like the Artek Kiki Couch in the small reading area. And adding an element of fun we also made a display for our (ever growing) collection of Japanese figurines and toys.

Design: KittoKatsu
Photography: KittoKatsu/Christian Köster


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