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Industry Specific Design Trends of 2016

Industry Specific Design Trends of 2016

Here on the Office Furniture Deals Blog, we take pride in highlighting the latest design trends and product releases to help our readers keep their interiors on the cutting edge. This year trends for healthcare, educational, retail, and other industries have started to emerge! That being said, it’s time for us to get to work. Check out the latest ideas and remodeling strategies today.

Industry Specific Office Design Trends by OfficeFurnitureDeals.comHealthcare

When it comes to healthcare furniture and seating, easy to clean upholstery options reign supreme! In intensive use environments like physician waiting rooms durable products are a must. Unfortunately, that commonly comes with hefty price tags. Thankfully, brands like OFM are paving the way with trend setting modern seating solutions that really rock. Popular new OFM collections like Morph, Serenity, and Triumph make it easy to create stylish healthcare waiting environments on a budget. Modern and contemporary seating lines from OFM are trending big time in 2016. If you’re tackling a waiting room makeover, check them out. You’ll be glad you did!

Sit To Stand Classroom Desks at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comEducational

These days it’s all about functionality and versatility in the classroom. In 2016, school are making the switch to standing desks that promote continuous movement while avoiding extended sits. As sitting for long periods of time is simply unhealthy, sit to stand desks and workstations offer the ergonomic benefits needed keep our young minds learning correctly and without the physical strain caused by sitting for hours upon hours. Best selling sit to stand desk and table models from brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and ESI Ergonomic Solutions are a must consider for any school looking to update their classrooms.

Powered Lounge and Waiting Room SeatingRetail

Retail environments are making use of today’s hottest powered seating solutions to improve the guest experience. You’ll commonly see powered chairs that allow guests to charge and operate devices quickly and efficiently in malls and other department stores. Powered chairs are a great option for outside any changing room and dressing area! Brands like Global Total Office and OFM are making their mark in 2016 with cool powered furniture collections your valued visitors will absolute love. Rest assured, powered seating is rapidly moving from trend to industry standard.

Global Total Office Roma Drafting Stool at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comEngineering & Design

In the engineering and design industry, workers are always looking for ways to keep their interiors on the cutting edge. This year, it’s all about combining cool and comfort! For that reason, designers and engineers alike are upgrading their sitting experience with stylish ergonomic drafting chairs to use at their stations. In years passed, workers in this booming industry were forced to rely on old school stools that provided little in the way of back support. Thankfully, brands like Global Total Office are answering the call with upscale ergo seating solutions from collections like Roma and Vion. These new user friendly chairs provide an unrivaled sitting experience that’s far more than trends. Sit in a Global Total Office drafting and design chair once and there’s no turning back! In addition, we’ve seen a boom in the popularity of lighted drafting tables and adjustable glass top craft stations for both professional and beginning designers. If you’d like to learn more about this growing development, check out the industrial drafting tables from Mayline. They’re the best in the business!

Powered Boardroom Table at Legal

Classic and traditionally styled furnishings will always have their place in legal settings. That being said, law offices are looking for ways to modernize and step outside the realm of traditional products in 2016. This year, powered boardroom tables and ribbed back chairs have been the preferred industry choice. Cutting edge boardroom tables with USB, HDMI, Audio, AC, and other surface level input options help law firms streamline strategy sessions. Those making the switch are enjoying unmatched versatility and functionality! Additionally, the days of using bulky conference chairs that waste floor space are coming to an end. Instead, ribbed back and segmented cushion chair styles have become the go to option as they help create additional elbow room without sacrificing core ergonomic values and comfort. You can find awesome powered tables, as well as best selling ribbed back office chairs from brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and Cherryman Industries in 2016.

OFM Endure Powered Bistro Table at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comFood and Entertainment

Last but certainly not least, if you’re in the food and entertainment business, consider making the switch to bar height bistro tables in 2016. Brands like OFM who are always ahead the curve are offering industrially infused bar height tables from their Endure collection that even have powered tops! In addition to bar height tables, brands like Mayline are making their impression felt with heavy duty stack stools that are easy to clean and perfect for restaurant settings. Last but certainly not least, restaurants looking to improve their waiting experience are turning to modular lounge and guest seating solutions that help maximize floor space. Much like the retail industry, powered chairs are also a great option! Your guests will love the ability to utilize their devices without the feat of draining precious battery life while waiting for a table.
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